What is the correct spelling for FALICY?

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Correct spellings for FALICY

  • face "The face seemed strange to me.
  • fail "We could not fail to do that.
  • faille
  • fairly
  • fall He can't keep away, and another time he may not fall into the hands of friends.
  • fallacy And we cannot help feeling that he never speaks of the constitution of the government of this country, without gliding into a fallacy identical with that which he himself described and denounced, as thinking better of the wisdom and power of human legislation than in truth it deserved.
  • falls The height of the American Falls is one hundred and sixty-seven feet.
  • false She had been false at first, and, in a certain sense, must appear false to the last, in that she had not told him the truth.
  • falsie
  • falsify "Such may be in a boy," observed Lord Loch-awe, interrupting her "but as I know no occasion in which it is possible for Sir William Wallace to falsify the truth, I call upon him, in justice to himself and to his country, to reply to three questions!"
  • falsity I answer that they have neither truth nor falsity, and that is enough for most of us in this dull world, of which so much has to be purged away before the beauty can appear.
  • fancy I fancy she must have had news from some one else, or perhaps she is ill."
  • fascia It is said that in these cases there must be an enlargement of the thyroid bound down by fascia and concealed by other structures of the neck so that it does not appear externally.
  • filch The guerdon was mine, and I was determined this time that no traitor or ingrate should filch from me the reward of my labours.
  • filly
  • filmy It was one of those filmy scraps of muslin and lace which ladies call a handkerchief-an article whose cost is out of all proportion to its usefulness.
  • flack
  • flail Fifty years ago, the flail was an implement of common use upon the barn floor.
  • flair
  • flaky
  • flay If I married you without his consent, he would flay me alive, dip me in boiling oil and read me aloud his History of Renaissance Morals.
  • fleecy Jacqueline snatched up a fleecy bank of petticoats, making room for him on the sofa.
  • flick
  • flies
  • flimsy
  • fly
  • lacy
  • lucy
  • malice
  • policy
  • Falser
  • Folios
  • Lice
  • Farley
  • Alice Alice, you sing charmingly.
  • Felice "Ah," cried Felice, "it is my old Love."
  • flaws
  • fills
  • files
  • foils I had been a rider on horseback since the age of six, and in some exercises I was not much behind my brother, although when we practised with the foils or with the gloves he punished me in rather a barbarous manner.
  • flays
  • fails
  • flicks
  • felicity He went to bed and slept happily, for Peggy's parting kiss had been such as would conduce to any young man's felicity.
  • foals Seventy-six neophytes rejoiced their religious hearts, and the herds had increased to 40 cattle, 64 sheep, 55 goats, 19 hogs, 2 jacks, 2 burros, 17 mares, 3 foals, 9 horses, 22 mules,-233 animals in all.
  • flails Accordingly a level floor was provided, on which was spread a thick layer of barley stalks, and this was beaten with flails.
  • forebearance

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