What is the correct spelling for FAUNT?

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Correct spellings for FAUNT

  • ant I determined, however, not to fire till I could plainly see his eye, for I think that rule always gives one the right distance for big game; so I rested my rifle on the ant -heap and waited for him, kneeling.
  • aunt "Quite sure, aunt dear.
  • daunt This means, in the language of another, "that there is no way to daunt these people but by the edge of the sword, and to plant better in their place, or rather, let them cut one another's throats."
  • fain Their position is, therefore, not the new departure which many of them would fain represent it to be.
  • faint "Well, I must own that she is, Henry," said Mrs Doctor; and once more there was a faint sigh by the window.
  • fan "In this ideal fan ," explains Yoritomo, "not only the true reproduction of the qualities directing the progress of knowledge must be perceived, but the symbol of their development must be traced.
  • fat He almost, Peter thought, chuckled to himself, in his fat solemn way.
  • fault Is that my fault ?
  • faun I have no castle to hide her in-" Then Itchoua, with the smile of a faun which no one had seen before, tapped his shoulder: "Oh, imprison her-for one night only, my son!
  • fauna That was lucky, for the fauna tended to be enormous and deadly.
  • faust It was there that they had had an amicable quarrel over that bronze statue of Faust which she had found beautiful, while he, with a rudeness which seemed now quite incomprehensible, had insisted that it was not.
  • fawn Then, she sprang forward like a young fawn and darted down the steps toward the pathway.
  • feint It was understood by many that they were the last hope of militancy that afternoon; many others, on the contrary, were convinced that they had been simply a feint .
  • flaunt Aunt Barbara's toast, Aunt Barbara's tea, and Aunt Barbara's nursing, would soon bring her all right again, she said; but in this she was mistaken, for although the toast, and the tea, and the nursing each came in its turn, the September flowers had faded, and the trees on the Chicopee hills were beginning to flaunt their bright October robes ere she recovered from the low, nervous fever, induced by the mental and bodily excitement through which she had passed during the last three or four months.
  • fluent On every page there is the impress of a large and masterly comprehension, and of a bold, fluent , and poetic skill of portraiture.
  • font Arthur is a rare medieval font -name, a fact no doubt due to the sad fate of King John's nephew.
  • found 12. This is the book that we found and which he lost.
  • fount If that which arises in the centre, the fount of life, demands some hindered action, and consequently causes pain, the force thus created being driven from one stronghold must find another; it cannot be driven out.
  • fun "That's just where the fun comes in.
  • fund He was a lively little man with a fund of interesting stories furnished by the lighter side of his work, and altogether the luncheon was quite amusing.
  • gaunt Now a gaunt , grey-faced man looked out upon the world through eyes which burned with the light of fever.
  • haunt It did not haunt him.
  • jaunt No wedding jaunt could their small means afford, Yet they had pleasure in true love's accord;' And what they lacked in way of outward show, Was quite made up by warm affection's glow.
  • taunt Conscience should not taunt him with his bitter neglect again.
  • vaunt All her brave vaunt of service faded before her disgrace.
  • Avaunt Avaunt, therefore, all legendary immortalities, and let us be content, Ross, to be remembered by our friends, and, perhaps, to have our names passed on by disciples to another generation!
  • Faints A moment later, and her glorious voice, rarely soft, and sweet as a child's, yet powerful withal, rings through the room, swells, faints, every note a separate delight, falling like rounded pearls from her lips.
  • FUT Now, your left arm and fut in advance, not too much; keep your body square to the front.
  • founts They drink the great cup to its last golden drain, and by their death-beds we seem to be standing at the laughing founts of being.

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