What is the correct spelling for FEILDER?

If you find yourself misspelling "feilder", fear not! The correct spelling is actually "fielder". Common misspellings happen, but knowing the correct way will definitely help you when discussing sports or referring to a specific position in baseball or cricket. Keep practicing and soon it'll be second nature!

Correct spellings for FEILDER

  • elder The elder statesman of the company was revered for his years of experience and wisdom.
  • feeder The bird feeder was empty, so I filled it with seeds.
  • feeler
  • Felder Felder is a surname with German origin.
  • feller The feller Myron chopped down a tree in record time.
  • fender I accidentally scratched my car's fender while parallel parking.
  • fielder The fielder missed the ball and it rolled to the boundary line.
  • filer I need to find a specific document in my filer.
  • filler I do not want to read a filler story.
  • filter The coffee had a smooth taste thanks to the paper filter.
  • finder The metal detector helped me become a treasure finder at the beach.
  • folder I left my folder in the car.
  • gilder The artist used a gilder's brush to apply gold leaf to the intricate details of the frame.
  • milder The weather is milder today.
  • welder A welder is someone who is skilled in welding metal.
  • wilder I'm going to the wilder side of town.