What is the correct spelling for FEILT?

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Correct spellings for FEILT

  • fail Should he fail again, which now he believed impossible, he would rather she were not there to witness that fail ure. A pal's last need is a thing to heed, so I swore I would not fail; And we started on at the streak of dawn; but God! he looked ghastly pale. – The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert W. Service
  • fault "It might not have been the doctor's fault . Flourishing to a fault. The sparkling streams, The bracing air, The therapeutic salt. – Merano/What A Scene! What A Joy! by Unknown Author
  • fealty It entered the council-hall, and from that bed of honorable wounds, he threatened the assembly with instant vengeance from his troops without, unless they would immediately swear fealty to Wallace, and compel Badenoch to give up the French dispatches.
  • feat To shoot a moving duck out of a moving boat with a rifle is a feat attended with some difficulties. If feel incomplete Why does our future seem Such a feat When will our consciousness – England My Home by levellers
  • feel And now I feel your goodness and your forgiveness. It's alarming how charming I feel, And so pretty That I hardly can believe I'm real. – "West Side Story" Script - Broadway musical by Unknown Author
  • feint As he spoke he advanced, but a feint from Joe made him flinch, though he gave the young fellow a very ugly look.
  • fell Mrs. Markland sighed, and her eyes fell to the floor. Can cure the smarting nor the fell Blisters of love, wherewith they swell. – Lucasta At The Bath. by Richard Lovelace
  • felt I felt as if I must run away. You can't feel what I felt And you can't go where I've dwelt – Satan In Me by Abigor
  • fiat He who, as a mere matter of course, and perhaps without giving the subject a thought, had put his fiat on the black scrolls which ordered hundreds upon hundreds of his fellow creatures to be sent to their long homes, and executed in cold blood; he now grieved and lamented, and cried like a child, at the death of a mouse.
  • field Of course it was used to carry the field -cornet's powder, and, if full, it must have contained half-a-dozen pounds at least! When the Sons of Dixie take to the field Then the battle is won For we never will yield When the Sons of Dixie fire their guns – By The Sword/Sons Of Dixie by Unknown Author
  • file He had hurt his finger with the file , and he was not in the best of humor. 'Cause I'll pull your file As I Cramp your style (style...style) – Cramp Ya Style by Kid Rock
  • filet
  • fill "Well, fill yourself up right now.
  • fillet It happened that one of the savages had found something like a fillet , with which he adorned his forehead, and seemed to think himself extremely fine; the basket-maker, who had perceived this appearance of vanity, pulled up some reeds, and, sitting down to work, in a short time finished a very elegant wreath, which he placed upon the head of the first inhabitant he chanced to meet.
  • filter 10 Filter paper 5 in.
  • filth Looking at him there in his splendour on this day when he came into his own again, I bethought me of the wretched, starving Indian marked with blows and foul with filth whom I had rescued from the cruel mob upon the Thames-side wharf, and wondered at this enormous change of fortune and the chain of wonderful events by which it had been brought about.
  • fit A man that has just had a fit must not stand up."
  • flat The flat was by this time out of sight around the point.
  • fleet No, certainly not, since land was not to be seen behind the fleet of icebergs.
  • flirt Flirt went in and brought him out.
  • flit Once I thought that religion was a substance with me,-not a shadow, to flit , to mock, and to vanish when its succour was most needed; yet now does my heart sink.
  • foil The massive Norman was a fine foil to the Count: they were the two poles of hatred.
  • Feet Who is the little girl who has such feet?
  • Filed "But that's the number of the claim I filed on at the Drawing," the old man assured him.
  • FILO
  • FLT
  • felts On the 11th of May, Mrs. Felts went home and took charge of her work, while she gave her time fully to the care of the sick.

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