What is the correct spelling for FELIZ?

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Correct spellings for FELIZ

  • belize The clock above the sink read eight-thirty, and I figured rightly, that Steve would be back at his hotel in Belize City.
  • falls Something is holding him back, something which has him fast by the legs; but for it, he would be shot out over the falls .
  • false But if it were so, then how false the world must be, for one to look and speak so gently, and yet be so wicked!
  • falsie
  • feline At a centre table a party of musicians talked excitedly, one of them, a pale young man with feline eyes, shouting hoarsely and continuously.
  • fell In an hour after the start again one of the horses fell .
  • fella I just wanted her to be happy with her fella -What you goin' to do with me, Miss Kate?
  • felon It was impossible to think of seeing him a prisoner-seeing him in the dock like a common felon .
  • felt I saw they felt some better out there.
  • fez The station-master, the same sleepy one with dark spectacles and red fez , told them that he saw a boy about fourteen years old and an eight-year-old girl with an old negress, who rode towards the desert.
  • flies In the next half hour he got sixty-six flies , an average of over two a minute.
  • flip But when this danger had apparently passed they discovered that she had lifted herself from the grassy sward and was flip -flopping awkwardly in the direction of the brook that runs through Cylburn near the road.
  • flit The birds used to sit close, and when put off their nests would commence their outcries, and from all parts they would assemble and flit about almost within reach of one's hand, making an awful noise, and in the dark shade of the forest their white gorgets had quite a ghostly look.
  • folio It is as though one were to glance at a mere dog-ear on a folio page, and then profess to have mastered its whole import.
  • Folios It is not common, certainly, to write folios; but neither is it common to draw a steady income of from 300 l.
  • Felipe Felipe knew his manners also.
  • Felix In 1604 Franckton was appointed King's Printer for Ireland, and he continued at work till 1618, when he assigned his patent to Felix Kyngston, Matthew Lownes, and Thomas Downes.
  • Eliza "The Bird was a dream, Eliza .
  • Liz Liz and I share a cot in the outer room.
  • Felice Then the hot color came into her face, for Felice was very proud, and did not like to be thought inferior to her husband.
  • Delis
  • Fleas So please, dem nuh wannabees Dem hangout wid too much dogs and catch fleas – Like Glue by Sean Paul
  • flees
  • fills Lloyd George never reads a letter that fills more than half a page."
  • files The professor, returning by way of the files , swept his hand across Stephen's and Mr O'Madden Burke's loose ties.
  • foils It was all very well to make himself proficient with the foils and as a boxer, and to be a good shot, but he was living among people who had the knife for sole weapon, and if by chance he were attacked by a man with a knife, and had no pistol or other weapon, he would find himself in an exceedingly awkward position.
  • fails If that fails -if you prove weak-how am I to tell whether my love will endure?"
  • fuels "A few of the men are allowed to," she told him, "for short trips in special protective suits, to hunt for canned food and fuels and batteries and things like that."
  • feels "Oh, she feels as I do,-as anybody must,-if they like it let them have it.
  • fellas Funny fellas these Jesuits.
  • fells It stands not in a park, for the land about it is divided into paddocks by low stone walls, but in the midst of lovely scenery, the ground rising all round it in low irregular hills or fells , and close to it, a quarter of a mile from the back of the house, there is a small dark lake, not serenely lovely as are some of the lakes in Westmorland, but attractive by the darkness of its waters and the gloom of the woods around it.
  • fulls
  • felts
  • after-words
  • forebearance
  • out-works

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