What is the correct spelling for FEWW?

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Correct spellings for FEWW

  • dew The sun set, the dew fell, the moon rose. AMARIL. In country meadows, pearl'd with dew, And set about with lilies; There, filling maunds with cowslips, you May find your Amarillis. – A DIALOGUE BETWIXT HIMSELF AND MISTRESS ELIZAWHEELER, UNDER THE NAME OF AMARILLIS by Robert Herrick
  • dewy He was sure of her; for he read in the dewy brightness of her eyes how hard it was for her also to release herself from his embrace.
  • fawn The head was jet-black, the neck milkwhite, the wings fawn -colour, having lower feathers of purple.
  • fe By rapid movements the Province of New Mexico, with Santa Fe , its capital, has been captured without bloodshed.
  • fear Gordon, old friend, I fear I shall never quite forgive you!
  • feat Feat easy done that does not tax ourselves!
  • feb As Feb ruary came the time dragged more heavily than these men had ever known it to drag before.
  • fed If so, never ride your horse more than five-and-thirty miles a day, always seeing him well fed , and taking more care of him than yourself, seeing as how he is the best animal of the two."
  • fee In turn, they pay a fee to Telebase, and others.
  • feed My master has forgotten all the service I have done him for these many years, and because I can no longer plough he will no longer feed me, and he has driven me away.
  • feel She could not feel glad to know this, yet she was not sorry.
  • fell At sight of Lockley her face fell .
  • fen These, however, were too strong and numerous, and his force having been scattered and dispersed, he had sought refuge with Egbert and his son in the fen country.
  • fern "Under that bunch of fern ," he whispered; "just the colour of the dead leaves.
  • fess Well, suh, dat man w'at I fin' out dar in de gully wuz Marse Fess Trunion.
  • fete The denouement at the little church of San Rafael, when the soldiers surprise the Penitentes at mass in the early dawn of their fete day, appeals strongly to the dramatizer.
  • feud Some years before a Ravensberg had killed a Heimburg in a quarrel, and since that time a bitter feud had divided the two houses.
  • few Since you know so much about my coming here already, may I tell you a few more things?
  • fewer Among his host of miracles, we find no fewer than eight children raised from the dead.
  • fey I had a mad turn, and was quite "fey," as the Scotch say.
  • fez His fez fell over his face.
  • flaw It was all about the ten-foot strip of land the city man had claimed from Jerry's new building lot through a newly found flaw in the title.
  • flow The moment that the blood began to flow the wolf's form changed, and he recognized a woman without her arm.
  • fowl The boys took great delight in feeding these pretty creatures; and it was a common thing for one or other of us to bring pieces of bread, and chuck them to the water-fowl.
  • hew On paper he seems to hew with the pen, on marble to sketch with the chisel.
  • jew The next morning, when daylight and courage returned, I asked my maid whether Simon the Jew was a good or a bad man?
  • meow I have seen her standing at the back door whistling for Malta, and the pretty creature's head would appear somewhere always high up, for she was a great climber, and she would come running along the top of the fence, saying, "Meow, meow ," in a funny, short way.
  • mew The simple Mew , common in Hampshire, is a bird nickname.
  • new "Did she say, 'Happy New Year?
  • pew In the Squire's pew , a very short distance away, sat Audrey and Evelyn.
  • sew Oh, you must get somebody else to sew 'em, must you?
  • yew Gammon was not kept long in doubt; for the stranger slowly bent his steps towards a large high tomb, in fact the central object, next to the yew -tree, in the churchyard-and stood gazing at it in silence for some time.
  • Feet Now, presently, I came again upon my feet, and did take a new look around that Land.
  • Fer "I kept in touch with it fer years, but I haven't heard any news fer a long time now.
  • Flew I almost flew down to them.
  • Lew Lew, we're pretty good friends, ain't we?
  • Fees I'll summon him for fees he doesn't owe; that will bring him to the Palais where la Peyrade comes daily; and in that way he can meet him by chance, and so avoid taking a step which would hurt his self-love."
  • FEM
  • FWD
  • FETA
  • FWY

2 words made from the letters FEWW

  • 3 letter words made from FEWW:

    eww, few.