What is the correct spelling for FFEEL?

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Correct spellings for FFEEL

  • eel "I never really consulted it," said the eel . Dot : Maybe an electric eel Wakko: Or a seal – What Are We by Animaniacs (Related Recordings)
  • fail "Miss Dolores, I-I beg your pardon, but I quite fail to take you. Oh, not for you the gems that pale, And not for you the flowers that fail; – After While by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • fall Still, even as she spoke she leant more heavily on the pier-table behind her in order that she might not fall . Here flowing fall, And chide, and call, – The Water-Fall by Henry Vaughan
  • fee And Ralf himself has acknowledged the summons and distraints and said that he ought not hold anything from him in that land; rather, it is of another's fee . An just as wud as wud can be, How easy can the barley-brie Cement the quarrel! It's aye the cheapest lawyer's fee, – Scotch Drink by Robert Burns
  • feed And sooner or later to the bitter end he meant to feed fat his ancient grudge on Ray. Do You Feed On The Need – The Beauty Underneath by Unknown Author
  • feel Still, I feel overjoyed. Back to chapter one. Turn my heart to ice so I don't feel it. If not, then tell me now How else to heal it. – Teach Me Not to Love You by Unknown Author
  • feeler He was a close reasoner as well as a warm feeler , and would not allow his sympathies to get the upper hand of his ideas.
  • fell All of a sudden down fell a tree. That whether by each others grief they fell, Or on their own redoubled, none can tell. – A Poem Upon The Death Of O.C. by Andrew Marvell
  • fella So the men look like fools, ye sly laughin' fella !
  • file We seldom had an opportunity while on mule-back of exchanging thoughts except at the top of our voices, as in most places we were compelled to travel in Indian file , one following the other. If I catch him at the shelter, I'ma pull his file Chop his head off, and bury his body across 8 mile – Thug Pit by insane clown posse
  • fill I would have you let Nature fill up your empty batteries. A screaming fire will fill you. You'll beg me please to kill you- – Inside Your Heart by Unknown Author
  • fl Arkansas, Ark. Fl orida, Fl . Wisconsin, Wis. Iowa, Io. Texas, Tex. Oregon, Or.
  • flea Flea having a good square meal. On the wings of a flea Wind in the plain Dance once for me – Soolaimon by Neil Diamond
  • flee "I have done Thorbiorn no wrong, and I will not flee before him. Earth, sea, and sky, as rain or vapour shed, Shall vanish; all the shows of them shall flee: Then shall we know full surely, quick or dead, Death, if thou be. – A Dialogue by Algernon Charles Swinburne
  • fleet "We are going to the blockading fleet . The boys are waiting down in the street We've got to make it back to the fleet – Open Up The Door by sailor
  • floe The snow had ceased to fall, and out of a great streaming floe of clouds looked a half-moon.
  • flue On this solid basis, Tabitha would rear a lighter structure, composed of the splinters of door panels, ornamented mouldings, and such quick combustibles, which caught like straw, and threw a brilliant blaze high up the spacious flue , making its sooty sides visible almost to the chimney-top.
  • foal I watched her herds for three days without losing a single mare, and in return for that the Baba Yaga gave me a foal .
  • foil On approaching a bridge or a temple the procession always halted while the priest burned little images of tin foil , or let off a few crackers, upon which the noisy gong and the rest of the band made a flourish.
  • fool Do I look like a fool ?
  • foul Such arguments as Mr. Toplady and Mr. Hill have made use of, that is, being pretty liberal in calling foul names, are far more taking than rational scriptural reasoning.
  • fowl Three times in the afternoon a fowl was thus distributed.
  • free I wish to be free because-there is some one else, now.
  • freely Such was the opening; and after that we talked more freely , though not so freely as, I doubt not, they had talked for an hour before I came.
  • fuel You are fuel for the fire.
  • full As for the professor, he is full of it.
  • furl At night, however, as we were somewhat short-handed, the captain ordered us to furl top-gallant-sails, and to take a reef in the topsails, that we might be better prepared should it come on to blow.
  • heel "Oh no, you won't," said Dunsey, turning away on his heel , however.
  • keel She was three hundred feet long, fifty feet broad, and thirty feet from her upper keel to her deck.
  • peel G. J. Goschen, Sir R. Peel , C. Gilpin, Esq.
  • reel Madge felt herself reel .
  • Feet Gurn rose to his feet.
  • Flew Hours flew on, but he did not come.
  • Fidel When the sun was high overhead, the whole family, and Fidel also, had rested under a tree by the little river, and Jan and Marie had shared with their father and mother the bread and cheese which had been brought from home for their noon meal.
  • Fees Interference with the expenses of the household meant interference with the perquisites or fees of this legislative turnspit, and the rights of sinecures were too sacred to be touched.
  • flees And when a man who is wealthy and is also accused of being an enemy of the people sees this, then, my friend, as the oracle said to Croesus, By pebbly Hermus' shore he flees and rests not and is not ashamed to be a coward.
  • feels "It feels awful lonesome and empty.
  • FOL 3859, upon which Mommsen's text is based, fol.
  • FOLL

9 words made from the letters FFEEL

  • 3 letter words made from FFEEL:

    eel, eff, elf, fee, lee.
  • 4 letter words made from FFEEL:

    feel, flee, leff.
  • 5 letter words made from FFEEL: