What is the correct spelling for FGURED?

If you've mistakenly typed "fgured", don't worry! Here are some possible correct suggestions to replace it. "Figured" is the correctly spelled word, meaning to understand or solve a problem. Other alternatives could be "featured", "favored", "augured" or "secured", depending on the context.

Correct spellings for FGURED

  • Augured The dark clouds in the sky augured a storm was approaching.
  • cured The doctor cured him of his illness.
  • Fared She fared better in her second attempt at the golf tournament.
  • Feared The villagers feared the arrival of the storm that was approaching.
  • figure Can you figure out the answer to this math problem?
  • figured I figured I could finish the project on time, but unexpected setbacks caused delays.
  • figures I have some figures to show you.
  • fired After being caught stealing from the company, John was promptly fired from his job.
  • flared As the car accelerated down the road, the exhaust pipe flared brightly.
  • Floured She floured the cutting board before rolling out the dough.
  • Fred I met a man named Fred at the grocery store yesterday.
  • furred The cat's furred tail elegantly swayed back and forth.
  • Gored The matador was gored by the raging bull during the bullfighting event.