What is the correct spelling for FH?

If you've mistakenly typed "fh" instead of a correct word, don't worry! It's a common error. Here are some possible suggestions: "for", "far", "fit", "fur", "fish" or "fuel". Remember to proofread your writing to catch such errors and make your text flawless!

Correct spellings for FH

  • Ah "Ah! That coffee is exactly what I needed this morning."
  • CH The abbreviation "CH" stands for the Latin term "cum hora," which means "with an hour."
  • DH My DH and I went on a romantic vacation to Hawaii last summer.
  • Eh I'm not sure if I'm hungry or not, eh.
  • F
  • fa
  • fch
  • FD It's forbidden to fire a gun in the city! The acronym "FD" stands for "fire department.
  • fe Iron (Fe) is an important mineral that our body needs to function properly.
  • FF The amount of damage caused by the FF is astonishing.
  • fha I'm applying for a FHA loan.
  • fl
  • fm I'm going to FM radio station XYZ.
  • fr Fr. John is the priest at our local Catholic church.
  • ft In front of the theatre, there is a ft-high fence.
  • Fy
  • H "H", the eighth letter of the alphabet, is often used as an abbreviation for words such as "hour" and "height".
  • nh
  • oh Oh, I didn't expect to see you here!
  • pH The pH level of this solution is extremely acidic.
  • rh The letters "rh" often make the same sound as the letter "r" in many words.
  • SH My friend asked me if I have a spare "SH" to replace the one on her keyboard.
  • th The word "th" is not sufficient to form a complete sentence as it is only a two-letter abbreviation for "the".
  • UH Uh, I don't know what you're talking about.