What is the correct spelling for FHOTO?

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Correct spellings for FHOTO

  • dhoti Mark Anthony wore a dhoti , a Norfolk jacket, and a bowler hat.
  • food Food is, in the popular sense, whatever one eats in contradistinction to what one drinks. Thus, we speak of food and drink, of wholesome, unwholesome, or indigestible food ; but in a more scientific sense whatever, when taken into the digestive organs, serves to build up structure or supply waste may be termed food ; the word is extended to plants to signify whatever taken in any way into the organism serves similar purposes; thus, we speak of liquid food , plant food , etc.; in this wider sense food is closely synonymous with nutriment, nourishment, and sustenance. Diet refers to the quantity and quality of food habitually taken, with reference to preservation of health. Victuals is a plain, homely word for whatever may be eaten; we speak of choice viands, cold victuals. Nourishment and sustenance apply to whatever can be introduced into the system as a means of sustaining life; we say of a convalescent, he is taking nourishment. Nutriment and nutrition have more of scientific reference to the vitalizing principles of various food s; thus, wheat is said to contain a great amount of nutriment. Regimen considers food as taken by strict rule, but applies more widely to the whole ordering of life. Fare is a general word for all table supplies, good or bad; as, sumptuous fare; wretched fare. Feed, fodder, and provender are used only of the food of the lower animals, feed denoting anything consumed, but more commonly grain, fodder denoting hay, cornstalks, or the like, sometimes called "long feed;" provender is dry feed, whether grain or hay, straw, etc. Forage denotes any kind of food suitable for horses and cattle, primarily as obtained by a military force in scouring the country, especially an enemy's country.
  • foot He went on staring down at Athena's little foot .
  • fort A delightful view of the town and its environs may be had from the old fort of Kristiansten.
  • ft Above this point they climbed about 15 ft .
  • hood At last, or so it seemed to him, they both got in under the hood .
  • hoot Hoot, man, ye're quite wrong!
  • hot He did not know if he could make a hot -air balloon go up, but he resolved to try.
  • photo The original portrait is preserved in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia Photo by Virginia State Library.
  • Footy Then you had it footy, not handy!
  • HT O Man to whom my heart hast leaned, dost know Aught of my life?
  • Frito In Poland, Bugles are sold by Frito Lay Poland Ltd. I'm soul food, spice was so frito Being a star player, it is no treat though – I Shine, You Shine by fabolous

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