What is the correct spelling for FIENT?

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Correct spellings for FIENT

  • faint As he entered the room there was a faint cry, "Peter."
  • feat Jonah was taken in; but the fish found that taking in a parson was a feat neither easy nor healthy.
  • feint I shall throw out a regiment, a battery, and five companies of cavalry, to make a feint against their centre and left.
  • fen Suetonius at once proceeded to examine for himself the extent of the Fen country, riding with a body of horsemen along the eastern boundary as far as the sea, and then, returning to the camp, followed up the western margin until he again reached the sea.
  • fend Then with a rush the girl went, her arms thrown out as if to fend off any who might seek to detain her.
  • fiat When it was reported that Jackson had fallen, men murmured in their dismay against the fiat of the Almighty.
  • fiend And pray, sir, what is this young fiend to pay you for your services?"
  • filet
  • fin Not a ripple disturbed its mirror-like surface, except when now and then a covey of flying fish leaped forth to escape from their pursuers, or it was clove by the fin of a marauding shark.
  • find You will find it all right."
  • fine And I found there many fine and great things.
  • fined For each absence they were fined a shilling.
  • finer Three days hence there will be a finer regiment to lead than ever thundered in thy father's wake-a regiment of men, sahib, for a man to lead and love!
  • finest They had seen a great many of these beautiful birds during the day, but none near enough to shoot; at last a gang of some twenty ran across the path close to them, and the ready rifle secured the finest .
  • finite It was the reasoning of a finite creature.
  • finn In Mrs. Finn we found a stout and plump farmer's wife, but she was a lady in her manners.
  • fit "It isn't much of a fit , is it?
  • flint Flint, however, turned to his telephone and pulled it toward him, over the big sheet of plate glass.
  • fluent Then, for the space of half-an-hour, in fluent , forcible language, he poured forth the result of his observations and belief that they, the followers of the noble science of surgery, had a great discovery before them waiting to be made, one which it was the duty of all to endeavour to drag forth from the dark depths in which Nature hid away her treasures.
  • foment The two princes met, and the King of Navarre with modesty and gentleness addressed the regent in these terms: 'My lord duke and brother, know that I do hold you to be my proper and especial lord; though I have for a long while made war against you and against France, our country, I wish not to continue or to foment it; I wish henceforth to be a good Frenchman, your faithful friend and close ally, your defender against the English and whoever it may be: I pray you to pardon me thoroughly, me and mine, for all that I have done to you up to this present.
  • font A hush went over the great assembly as the parents and the godparents advanced to the flower-decked font , and the silence lasted until His Eminence had sprinkled the Prince and given him the name of Rolandor.
  • fount Or do you believe, my Fount of all Wisdom, that I had best let matters stand as they are?
  • friend You are his friend ."
  • Feet If that were all, we would soon have her on her feet again.
  • Finned
  • fines Princes, dukes, duchesses, stags, footmen, poets, philosophers, divines, lawyers, physicians, maids, wives, widows, tore into the market, and choked the Exchange up so tight that the brokers could not get in nor out, and a bare passage had to be cleared by force and fines through a mass of velvet, fustian, plush, silk, rags, lace, and broadcloth, that jostled and squeezed each other in the struggle for gain.
  • fiends Three hundred taunting fiends !
  • feints After several feints so as to catch one not watching and throw the ball at that one and shouting Earth Air, or Water, and as soon as the word is said begins to count up to ten as fast as possible.
  • INT

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