What is the correct spelling for FLAMMEE?

If you meant to write "flammee" but it turned out to be a misspelling, there are a few possible correct suggestions. One option could be "flamme", which means flame in French. Additionally, you may have intended to write "flame" or "flambe" depending on the context.

Correct spellings for FLAMMEE

  • Clammed As soon as the teacher asked her a question, she clammed up and refused to answer.
  • Flagmen The flagmen directed the flow of traffic around the construction site.
  • Flamage
  • Flambe The chef let out a loud "Flambe!" as he set the bananas on fire.
  • Flambeed The chef flambeed the dessert at the end of the meal.
  • Flambes
  • Flame The campfire's flame flickered in the wind, casting a warm glow over the group.
  • Flamed After realizing his mistake, he flamed with embarrassment.
  • Flamer
  • Flames The flames were so large that they licked the ceiling.
  • Lammed The rabbi lammed for hours about the importance of studying the Torah.
  • Slammed She slammed the door shut and marched out of the room in anger.
  • Slammer The notorious criminal was sentenced to 20 years in the slammer for his heinous crimes.