What is the correct spelling for FLIFFY?

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Correct spellings for FLIFFY

  • bluff It was no lack of love for his son that kept Elder Craigmile away at the departure of the boys from their camp on the bluff .
  • cliff He obeyed like one who seemed to feel that her word was a command, and sat down on the cliff at her side.
  • fairly So long as you treat me fairly , I would do the same by you.
  • falloff
  • falsify And now I put it to you, Captain-how was I to know that any woman would falsify her husband's name, and that she should be living close to my doors, as one might say?
  • fief
  • fife _Bang-whang-whang_ goes the drum, _tootle-to-tootle_ the fife; No keeping one's haunches still: it's the greatest pleasure in life. – Up At A Villa--- Down In The City by Robert Browning
  • fifo
  • filly What the dilly, what's really, what's down that filly? – Fire by mac dre
  • filmy Her father looked lovingly at the pretty, earnest face of his daughter as she stood holding up the filmy gown, her eyes bright with unselfish purpose.
  • filthy First enemy who's stealin' filthy Size 'em up break 'em down I'm guilty – 4 Souls by La The Darkman
  • flaky
  • flay You know this Governor of Cesena well enough to be assured that he would ransack the castle, torture, rack, burn and flay us all until the missive were forthcoming."
  • flick Flick, flick -Oh, say, stop!
  • flier For now came the twist-that word of mighty significance-and the tiny thread of new-born yarn descended to the spindle, vanished in the whirl of the flier and reappeared, an accomplished miracle, winding on the bobbin beneath.
  • flies And he doesn't like to do anything for flies .
  • flighty It was a kind thought, and a bit of tact that careless, flighty Vera often showed.
  • fling These, truly, are questions which I would fling in your face were things as they used to be.
  • flip Thereupon, silently but with a twinkle in his eye, the coach would gravely take the book, flip the pages, lay a finger on a section and return it.
  • flirt "I'm not going to flirt with him," said Miss Thayer calmly.
  • flit And he leaned back, while I thought I perceived a slight shadow flit across his face.
  • flory Oh, I would sooner a thousand times that Flory had taken a fancy to you."
  • fluff Here is a bit that I send to your dear son, a lover of this sort of fluff : "One evening, expected by Hortense, Having his eyes fixed on the clock, And feeling his heart beat with eager throbs, Young Alfred dried up with impatience."
  • fluffy She had fluffy hair and first rate teeth.
  • fluky
  • fly
  • leafy
  • lief You're a skunk, an' I'd as lief choke the life out o' ye as not.
  • life
  • lifer
  • lifo
  • livy Tacitus records only the sombre and monotonous annals of the early Empire; and the extant books of Livy contain the account of times and events from which he himself was separated by many generations.
  • luff We had to luff up a little to reach her.
  • vilify
  • Fifer A more curious fact is the transposition of sonorous sensations or images of sound, and like them without form or figure, into visual and motor images: "The ruffles of sound that the fifer cuts out; the flute goes up to alto like a frail capital on a column."
  • fluffed She fluffed down off the train like a bunch of lilac bloom one July day.
  • fluffs
  • flied
  • flyby
  • flirty
  • fluffier

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