What is the correct spelling for FLINDS?

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Correct spellings for FLINDS

  • flanders Uruguay has been the Flanders of South America.
  • flint But you've disappointed me, Flint .
  • flinty As soon from spring bitter, sweet water procure, Rich clusters of grapes from the thorn; Look for figs upon thistles, when seeking for food, Or bread from the cold flinty stone.
  • funds Up to now, you see, she was dependent on you for funds , an' sorter had to go slow on some o' her fancies, but now the shoe is on t'other foot, an'-" "That is not answering the question I asked," Henley broke in, quite out of patience.
  • Faints But I believe it is only a wispy-waspy sort of girl that faints at all these days.
  • Lends It's not a place that lends itself to modern methods or the use of machinery.
  • Blinds The blinds were drawn.
  • Filings You see it comes to this-that all bright flames contain these solid particles; all things that burn and produce solid particles, either during the time they are burning, as in the candle, or immediately after being burnt, as in the case of the gunpowder and iron-filings,-all these things give us this glorious and beautiful light.
  • Floods I have forgotten,-for the breath of buds Is on my temples, if in former days I have known sorrow; I remember praise, And calm content, and joy's great ocean-floods, And many dreams so sweet that, in their place, We would not welcome even Truth's fair face.
  • Friends Claude Heath had brought into her life something her other friends had not given her.
  • lands You shall have my wealth, and the rich things my people will bring you; but train them to fight so that they can protect our lands and make our enemies hold us in respect and fear.
  • fiends As you say, our people at home are ready to embark in a war for the cause of liberty and religion, did the queen but give the word; and when others, fired solely by horror at the Spaniards' cruelty, are ready to come over here and throw in their lot with them, it seems to me that it will be but right that you, who are half Dutch and have had relatives murdered by these fiends , should come over and side with the oppressed.
  • finds If he comes back an' finds me gone I reckon he'd be disappointed.
  • flaunts Sometimes it is the sister dressed out so fine in blue, And sometimes she who flaunts the beauteous robe of emerald hue; Sometimes for her who wears the brown my tender heart has bled, And then again I am consumed of love for her in red.
  • felines
  • fends
  • feints Stratagems are resorted to in war; they are feints and evasions, performed under no disguise; are familiar to commanders; form a part of their plans, and, considered in a military view, lawful and advantageous.
  • flirts
  • flings Every time he moves he flings his head about, and that gives me such a bump."
  • founds
  • flints They forget how long man lived on this earth before he even learned to make fire by chipping flints .
  • flits
  • fluids
  • beauteousnesses
  • fore-doomed
  • homeplate
  • overelaborated

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