What is the correct spelling for FLOWT?

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Correct spellings for FLOWT

  • afloat We can breathe and we can work our arms and that means we can keep afloat.
  • fallout Even the creatures of the deepest oceans would die of deadly, purposely-contrived fallout particles.
  • felt She felt very happy.
  • filet Passing Marguery's great restaurant on the left, famous for its filet de sole in a special sauce, which every one should eat once if only to see the great Marguery on his triumphant progress through the rooms, bending his white mane over honoured guests, we come to a strange thing-a massive archway in the road, parallel with the pavements, which I think needs a little explanation.
  • flat If you want the truth flat and plain, I don't mind telling you that I wouldn't be satisfied if I wasn't responsible.
  • flaw There's a flaw in the ready money account somewhere, I'll bet, and I'm going to leave before the bottom drops out of the concern.
  • fleet The sand, wet with the recent storm catching all the colours of the sky shone with mother of pearl-here a pool of blue, there the fleet of golden clouds.
  • flirt "I never considered you to be a flirt," she continued, "and I am astonished.
  • flit The only possible explanation is either to say that it is a matter of chance-which is no explanation at all, and foolish also; for chance, if indeed there be any such blind unreasonable thing in a reasonable world, does not repeat itself regularly-or to say frankly that there is some definite understanding and communication among the birds as they flit to and fro in the night; which is probably true, but obviously impossible to prove with our present limited knowledge.
  • float By and by they crowd together and make the clouds that float across the sky.
  • floater The native floater in the West and the unskilled foreigner in the East are equally responsive to the appeal to storm capitalism in a successive series of revolts under the banner of the "one big union."
  • floe His tactics were to paddle about to the north, land on the floe, and descend upon the walrus from the protection of the ridges of crushed ice which always abound on these rafts of the arctic sea.
  • flood And he burst into a flood of tears.
  • floret No; the bee's happiness rests on her knowledge that only the butterflies' long tongues can honestly share with her the brimming wells of nectar in each tiny floret.
  • flout Van Mander heard from Holbein's circle a story which modern pedantry is inclined to flout.
  • flouter
  • flow This man noticed that the flow of the water stopped several times and then went on again with a rush.
  • flute In their homes the two flute players, who were Christians, wept unceasingly; well they knew music and its conquering power for evil.
  • fold "Thank you so much, Mr. Moore," said Lady Adela, with her most charming smile, as she began to fold up her notes.
  • foot Never knew a hold-up wasn't eight foot high and then some-to the fellow at the wrong end of the gun.
  • fort "Fort Road," said Hardy; "come round any evening you can, if you won't come now."
  • fowl He was lying one summer's day under the shelter of some shrubs on the banks of the Tweed, when his attention was attracted by the cries of wild-fowl, accompanied by a great deal of fluttering and splashing.
  • loft In the loft where the tools were kept he remained much longer than he had intended.
  • loot "I think it's loot," she said.
  • lot I have such a lot to tell you.
  • lout But as they were nearing the gate Assipattle's sister, she who was the Princess's maid, ran out to meet him, and signed to the Princess to lout down, and whispered something in her ear.
  • Flew Quite abruptly he flew off, and I thought he had given up the attempt.
  • Flo I hope you'll be as good to Flo as he is to me."
  • Flowed If you go to the foot of any little meadow in the woods and dig at the lower end, where the stream goes out, you will find, sometimes ten feet under the surface, the remains of the first dam that formed the meadow when the water flowed back and killed the trees.
  • Flown "The bird of night may have flown past the house," he reflected, straining his ear to catch a repetition of the sound.
  • Floyd Many people in speaking of the Abolitionists apparently forget that the national government, even under Republican rule, would never have meddled with slavery in the various states unless as a war measure, made necessary by the rebellion into which the South was led by a variety of causes, of which slavery was chief, but among which there were others that were also prominent; such as the separatist spirit of certain of the communities and the unscrupulous, treacherous ambition of such men as Davis, Floyd, and the rest.
  • flows We sit there in our wheel chairs or lie tucked up in our rolling beds and talk flows freely.
  • floats It seemed troubled somehow; and more especially near the line of floats.
  • FLT
  • LOTT Mrs d'Urberville's son had called on horseback, having been riding by chance in the direction of Marlott.
  • flouts He tramples her under foot, he laughs at her to her face, he flouts her, he denies her, he insults her, he scoffs at her!