What is the correct spelling for FORABOUT?

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Correct spellings for FORABOUT

  • farragut Surprise approaching disdain was expressed, both before and after the destruction of Cervera's squadron, that the battle fleet was not sent into Santiago either to grapple the enemy's ships there, or to support the operations of the army, in the same way, for instance, that Farragut crossed the torpedo lines at Mobile.
  • ferryboat "I seem to be doing things in a slightly irregular manner," she said to him the next day, when they had gotten breakfast together, and were basking in the sunlight of the upper deck of the ferryboat , on their way to the city.
  • firebug No, I can't understand why the firebug didn't let us get clean away; for if the Saadat stays here, he'll be where he can stop the underground mining.
  • forbid I shall forbid you to see her!"
  • forebear Papers there record that my forebear , Cyril Spink, had his doubts at the time.
  • forebode Hence under doubtful skies forebode we can The coming tempests, hence both harvest-day And seed-time, when to smite the treacherous main With driving oars, when launch the fair-rigged fleet, Or in ripe hour to fell the forest-pine.
  • forecourt He sent a servant to escort Paaker, who was waiting in the forecourt , into the presence of Ameni while he himself repaired to the physicians to impress on them the most watchful care of the unfortunate girl.
  • forefoot He is up in the bow, where the vessel's forefoot throws up the white foam in silver drops in the moonlight.
  • forest The sunset had died out of the sky, and the forest was dark about them when they kissed and whispered "good-bye-for a little while."
  • fraud "I never can make up my mind, Phineas," said he, "whether you're a very wise man or an awful fraud ."
  • fraught The detective did not at first recognize the voice which came to him over the wire, so changed was it, so fraught with horror and a menace of tragedy.
  • front Lenore took the front seat in the car beside the driver.
  • frost And there's one thing," he went on with a kind of brutal joy, "if it's a frost , we shall absolutely have to pack up and move off into cheaper quarters: I can't afford to keep you here!"
  • hereabout The only safeguard is, of course, to bear clearly in mind that the ups and downs hereabout are considerable, and to arm oneself with map and compass.
  • marabout A marabout sanctuary and garden at the base of the mountains, is called their port.
  • rabat name: Rabat geographic coordinates: 34 01 N, 6 49 W time difference: UTC 0 (5 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
  • rabbet
  • rabbit I'm after her like a hound on a rabbit She's got it all and I got to have it – My Baby's Everything I Love by brooks & dunn
  • reboot
  • rebut
  • robot (Pusher robot) We are the space robots – The Terrible Secret Of Space by Laziest Men On Mars
  • rowboat But when he reached the boathouse he saw floating at the small pier an elegant rowboat , built of cedar, and much handsomer than either Conrad's or Valentine's.
  • thereabout
  • Foraged Individuals from both localities were shot at dusk as they foraged among trees in the valley of the river.
  • Forbade The Soothsayer forbade it!
  • Foreboded What she had vaguely foreboded-she knew now she had foreboded it all the time-at least she thought she knew it-was come!
  • Forrest But De Forrest went cheerfully, for dinner was something that he could enjoy under any circumstances. I'ma go Chuck Norris and be out with Horace Before the cops come for us - run, Forrest – The Heist by Jaylib
  • forebodes In the morning Pharaoh told his strange dream to his counsellors, who were greatly terrified, and Bi'lam, the son of Beor, the magician, said: "This dream, O King, forebodes great affliction, which one of the children of Israel will bring upon Egypt."
  • terabit
  • poundings Only the fence would stop the rush, she told herself, through the poundings of her heart.

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