What is the correct spelling for FORPLAY?

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Correct spellings for FORPLAY

  • byplay As I said to myself when I loaded this pistol"-byplay again-"'it's a hundred pities to make holes in the man's head, and then plant him in the back garden,' but what would you do?
  • copley
  • fairly
  • firmly "So do I," said Moonlight firmly .
  • flaw This idea causes the rejection of many a diamond with a flaw by girls who, as women, fall in love with paste.
  • flay He thought feebly that if he could get hold of Lingard he would like to flay him alive; but it was only a blurred, a short and a passing thought.
  • floppy An artist in a slouch hat, baggy corduroy breeches, floppy tie and general 1830 misfit had made love to her on the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  • foal The Indian donkey is very small, and its foal is a beautiful little creature; but its life-long sentence of hard labour begins early.
  • focally
  • foil For a woman of one-and-thirty to have her husband for a lover, and her lover for a foil , is a gift of the gods.
  • folly It is folly for you to think of keeping the property with such a heavy mortgage upon it on which you are unable to pay the interest.
  • fool Do you take me for a fool ?
  • fop She saw plainly that he had chosen his side-the impertinent fop , with his airs and graces!
  • foreplay
  • formal The evening meal was anticipated by two hours, in order that we might attend the meeting at which my bride and I were to receive our formal admission into the Zinta.
  • formally Now, to return to our muttons-a figure which you will appreciate-I may now be regarded, I think, as this young lady's legal guardian; although I have not had the honour of being formally appointed such.
  • formula Such a formula could be a great force for good, the old man had said.
  • foul This I take to be his errand: for I never can believe that he is come thither as a fugitive from his cause in the hour of its distress, or that he is going to conclude a long life, which has brightened every hour it has continued, with so foul and dishonorable a flight.
  • foully Then the king would fain have listened to Sir Lancelot, for more than all his own wrong did he grieve at the sore waste and damage of the realm, but Sir Gawain persuaded him against it, and ever cried out foully on Sir Lancelot.
  • fowl They will eat fish, flesh, fowl , and vegetables.
  • frilly I'll try to take it, Miss Minerva, and if you hear that my exercises are growing too frilly for Tancredi's taste you'll know the reason why.
  • furl But the wind had shown a disposition to freshen all day, and was by this time piping up so spitefully that we had been obliged to furl our topgallant-sail and haul down our flying-jib as soon as we hauled our wind; moreover there was a nasty, short jump of a sea on, into which the Dolphin plunged to her knight-heads every time.
  • hoopla
  • opal The tide was low; and the wet foreshore gleamed with opal tints; there were wandering tracks on the sea, as of great serpents winding their way beneath the surface; and away to the west the archwayed, tawny rock that cut off the line of coast was like a dream-shape.
  • overplay Aubrey was eager enough to accept, but feared to overplay his hand.
  • parlay
  • play
  • ploy
  • ply
  • poorly
  • poplar
  • replay
  • reply
  • splay
  • Foppery
  • Formulae
  • Farley
  • FOL
  • FOLL
  • floppily
  • Foley
  • airplay
  • actioning
  • pricier

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