What is the correct spelling for FOSTOR?

If you've accidentally misspelled "fostor", here are some possible correct suggestions. It's likely that you meant to type "foster", which means to promote growth or development. Another possible word could be "fosterer", which denotes one who fosters or cares for someone or something. Double-check your spelling to ensure clear communication!

Correct spellings for FOSTOR

  • astor John Jacob Astor was one of the wealthiest people in American history, known for his extensive real estate investments.
  • castor The castor wheels on the chair made it easier to move.
  • COSTAR He is set to costar in the upcoming blockbuster.
  • factor The factor in the equation is x.
  • faster Running to catch the bus, he wished he were faster.
  • fester The wound began to fester and the infection was spreading rapidly.
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  • Forster The novel "Forster" is about Edward Haswell, who goes to India to become a civil servant.
  • foster The animal shelter works hard to foster loving relationships between their rescue animals and their adoptive families.
  • fosters The program fosters a sense of community among the participants.
  • nestor Nestor was the ancient ancestor of the Greeks.
  • pastor The pastor delivered a moving sermon that inspired and touched the hearts of many.
  • poster Is this your poster?
  • roster It's a roster of the team's players.