What is the correct spelling for FOUTR?

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Correct spellings for FOUTR

  • fat The Mahdi observed both children with a fleeting glance, brightened his fat face with his customary smile, after which he first addressed Idris and Gebhr: "You came from the distant north," he said.
  • fdr While the Secretariat building is most predominantly featured in depictions of the headquarters, it also includes the domed General Assembly building, the Dag Hammarskjöld Library, as well as the Conference and Visitors Center, which is situated between t
  • feature The main thing is that they should be good illustrations of the special feature for which they are acquired.
  • fit He ran to the dressing-tent and, finding a key to fit Leo's trunk, opened it.
  • floury "She has a beautiful brunette coloring: that floury white and the delicate pink in it.
  • foot There-no, don't put your foot to the ground.
  • footer Then she rushed off to another corner of the room and placed her hand on the coatsleeve of a six-footer who looked at her, joyfully.
  • ford Drame en cinq actes de John Ford .
  • fore Finding herself on the ground, she tried to climb on the elephant's fore legs, as on a tree, or, hiding behind them, she asked whether he could find her.
  • fort This was the time chosen by the bears for their daily exercise along our foot-path, and we were usually all awake with a knife or a lance in hand, not because there was any real danger, for our house cemented by ice was as secure as a fort , but because we felt more comfortable in a battle attitude.
  • forte We have to consider what binds together two simultaneous sensations in one person, or, more generally, any two occurrences which forte part of one experience.
  • fortran The more computationally intensive aspects of scientific computing will often use some variation of C or Fortran and optimized algebra libraries such as BLAS or LAPACK.
  • forty The mistake of forty years ago must not be repeated now.
  • foundry Unfortunately the foundry , which was the first stage and basis of all the work turned out, happened to be temporarily closed.
  • four Mix the juice, the peel, and the sugar together; cover it, and let it set twenty-four hours.
  • fourier This was termed by Fourier la jeodalite industrielle.
  • fr Translated fr om the manuscript by Fr .
  • frat It was six notes-a sort of insidious, inviting thing that you could slide across two blocks, past all manner of barbarians, and into a frat brother's ear without disturbing any one at all.
  • fret In whatever mood, however, she wrote, there was a striking absence of whatever could fret or grieve her uncle throughout all her letters.
  • fruit Moreto studied the fruit captain.
  • fruity The olive oil made in the farms around Aix is reputed to have a very fine fruity flavour.
  • ft Higher up than these a broad wall of rock some 40 ft .
  • furor After the furor of "fifty four, Forty or Fight," had somewhat subsided, the Treaty of Washington, entered into between the United States of America and Great Britain, adopted and extended the line of division between the Dominion of Canada and the United States along the 49th degree of North Latitude to the waters of the Pacific Ocean, as the northern land boundary of the United States; thence west by the principal channel or waterway to the center of the Strait of Juan de Fuca; thence along said center line to the Pacific Ocean.
  • furry He came close up, and she gave a little cry, rather like a small furry thing in a trap.
  • fury But blinded by terror and fury they thought that they would reach the boy before he would be able to change the cartridges, and cut him to pieces with their knives.
  • future So had all the past been; so would all the future be.
  • outre I looked for a more intense and sincere book outre tombe certainly.
  • Fought To save you from the touch of my hand-this is the crime I have fought against.
  • Foots Henley makes plenty of money in one way and another, and he foots all her bills, or did till-till-well, I haven't told you all the news yet.
  • Footy Those of his second wife were as follows: Footy , Embrus, Caleb, Mitchell, Cuffey and Jacob, and of the girls, Catherine and Retta.
  • Fora 34, reposita fora templaque munificentia municipum.
  • Fud When cold a few ounces of a ferment called "fu-fud" are sprinkled over it and thoroughly stirred in; all is then put in an olla, which is tied over and set away.
  • futz
  • TR 21,000 Thlonok mount, Peak on Tr .
  • FUT Mother's gone fut and can't travel, and Dad's running all the parsons' shows in the district.
  • FORTS "I wonder what would have happened in Europe if there had been no forts between Germany and France," said Ethel Blue thoughtfully.

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