What is the correct spelling for FOUTRY?

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Correct spellings for FOUTRY

  • dory One big boat, propelled by ten stout oarsmen, carries the seine, and with one dory is towed astern the schooner until the school is overhauled, then casts off and leaps through the water under the vigorous tugs of its oarsmen.
  • dowry They refuse to pay the remainder of Pompilia's dowry , on the ground that she is not their child.
  • factory Fortunately, our Aircraft Factory had evolved in the B.
  • fatty As a rule, they are situated beneath the skin in the fatty layer, and the skin itself is at first of healthy appearance, so that they are often overlooked, especially when covered with a good coat of hair.
  • feature A striking feature of Fig.
  • ferry "This is ferry strange, Miss Honnor," said he, "that the fly-book is not in the bag.
  • fiery She gave him wine-strong, red, fiery wine, that burned his throat-and she gave him sundry other very delightful things, which it does not seem necessary to relate.
  • flory "Place your burden upon this table, Flory ," said Norman of Torn.
  • floury "That's an old story now, my dear," said Frank, rubbing his floury face with his hand.
  • flurry She listened for a minute and then knocked: there was a little flurry inside, and someone called out: ''Oo's there?
  • foot We must consider his poor foot .
  • footer "It's only about twenty miles beyond Reading, and there's no footer match, because I've looked to see.
  • foray We are jogging south on Akbar's road with Akbar's men on a foray , or is it a great invasion?
  • ford As he is fond of saying, "Dogs are much nicer than a Ford car.
  • fore Old Maskron, one of his fathers-in-law, was there at the fore as usual.
  • fort He wished to burn the huts and plantation to clear the ground around the fort but he dared not do so without orders.
  • forte Not, indeed, that he is void of a certain sentiment, and an intuition into the more hidden sources of mental interest; but these are not his forte , or his appropriate element.
  • fortran
  • forty Eight-forty-five came, but no doctor.
  • foundry I went at once to the foundry , and on the road I met two of the Gaffat workmen also proceeding there.
  • fruity The air is filled with nutty and fruity fragrance.
  • fry Dip in egg and crumbs and fry in ham or bacon fat and serve with those meats.
  • furry Another dog hid under the communion table, but Long Jim found him and kicked him away with his soft furry boots that did no damage to dog ribs.
  • fury The last words were scarce heard as he drove by, while the the Duke shook his hand with fury .
  • future "You are kind enough to believe that my future is assured, but it is not unless you are saved.
  • notary When they were under the necessity of adhibiting their signatures to deed or charter, the pen had to be guided by the hand of the notary .
  • outre If Selena happened to admire a Trinket or some outre Confection with Lace slathered on it, a perfumed Apache in a Frock Coat would take Edwin into a side room, give him the sleeve across the Wind-Pipe, and bite a piece out of his Letter of Credit.
  • poetry "What a wonderful power it is-poetry!
  • rotary One of the professors harrumphed; wasn't a parallel at all, the Self-Sustaining Rotary Pension Plan was perfectly feasible.
  • tory But in all the gossip daily poured forth about him there is never a hint as to whether he prefers the politics of Tory or Liberal, the company of Lord Salisbury or Mr. Gladstone.
  • try Nothing won't settle it, no matter how 'ard I do try ."
  • votary May I thy humble votary ever be!
  • Footy On the surface, they were just not the sort of people one asked out to the pub for a cold one after the footy.
  • Fora
  • futz
  • FUT
  • FORTS But he preferr'd to the Cinque Ports These five imaginary Forts : – Upon Appleton House, to My Lord Fairfax by Andrew Marvell
  • fluttery She, too, had once felt fluttery when the Head came in.
  • fairy Fairy princes, you know, and what he'd say and what I'd say, and how much I'd love him, and how much he'd love me!"

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