What is the correct spelling for FRIBSEE?

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Correct spellings for FRIBSEE

  • foresee After this, no one can foresee what may happen in France.
  • freeze But I don't want to freeze .
  • friable 24. Is the soil equally friable at different times of the year?
  • fricassee I to the Hall, and there met Sir W. Pen, and he and I to the Beare, in Drury Lane, an excellent ordinary, after the French manner, but of Englishmen; and there had a good fricassee , our dinner coming to 8s.
  • fries For the higher fungi we must be indebted to the summary made by Fries , to which we have little to add.
  • frieze The things in the nursery were packed away, but there remained the room, the frieze with the dragons and princesses, the fire-place, the high broad window.
  • frisbee "All right then," said Frisbee ; "cut the collar off."
  • frobisher Thus the London adventurers in 1606, though having at hand a substantial body of useful information regarding the coasts, the winds, and the currents running northward from the West Indies past St. Augustine to Cape Hatteras, and comparable information regarding the more northern waters explored by Frobisher , Davis, Gilbert, and others, had only a sketchy knowledge of the intervening coastline that would soon be explored by Captain Samuel Argall on commission from the Virginia Company and by Henry Hudson, an Englishman temporarily in the service of Dutch merchants.
  • pharisee Yir worse than Simon the Pharisee , for Mary was nae kin tae him.
  • Foreseer Having completed his anecdote, "Well," said the Abbe, "was I not right in my opinion of this great philosopher and foreseer of evils, when I observed that had he but lived a few months longer, there would have been so many less in the world to disturb its tranquillity?"
  • Frizzes At first I thought, in my horror, that I had drawn the whole top of the unfortunate spinster's head off; but a second frightened look showed me that it was only her scalpette, or false front, or whatever the dear creatures call a half-wig, all frizzes and crimps.
  • Furies He could only be kept from furies dangerous to himself by being given his own way in every detail.
  • Forbes The school who uphold the principle of liberty also publish an organ, L'Union Economique, edited by the Franciscan Father le Basse, and their best known leaders are two Jesuit priests, Fathers Forbes and Caudron.
  • Fraser "He wishes to send some one on shore to communicate with General Fraser at Brimstone Hill.
  • Cribs To the right of the house, and a little in the rear, were several large, square corn-cribs, and behind these an inclosure in which numerous cattle, and horses, and pigs were industriously feeding, while the cobs, stripped, and soiled, and muddy, were scattered everywhere.
  • Tribes Armed with one of these weapons, the like of which is to be met with among certain South American tribes, I passed into the cabin to proceed on deck; but though I knew the two figures were there, the coming upon them afresh struck me with as much astonishment and alarm as if I had not before seen them.
  • friars 282; their cosmopolitan spirit, 290; democratic constitution, 291; relations with the Church, 292, 293; Friars at, ii.
  • rubs It scrapes or rubs the foreign substance away.
  • robs There is nothing more positively torturing to the mind in sorrow than the way in which the mere excitement of grief robs the intellect of all power of perspective, and gives to the smallest, meanest incidents the prominence and force of great events.
  • fires "The people are letting their fires out, and the fog's giving.
  • robes Harkaway took to wearing some sort of ecclesiastical robes which he whipped up out of the recreation room curtains.
  • fringes Their lowest range is about thirty miles off, and the rich flat valley between is hidden by the thick line of timber, generally fir, that fringes the farther side of the Willamette.
  • ribs The animal is stiff, is not inclined to turn around, and the ribs are kept in a fixed state as much as possible.
  • fibs You talk against fibs , Miss Hyde; now what do you think of that?
  • FOBS Sound them their clocks, with loud alarum trump, Or watches ticking temporal at their fobs, You win their pleased attention.
  • friezes The whole composition of those two friezes shows Mrs. Whitney as a very skillful and imaginative artist.
  • fibers Then he fluttered away on one foot for a short distance and seemed to be pulling tiny roots and fibers of grass, which he worked into the clay that he had already smeared on his leg.
  • bribes Clara had the happiness of hearing of her brother's recovery and escape from prison; but the Conde San Vincente, by high bribes , avoided punishment.
  • freebies
  • rubes
  • fridges
  • fibres For now the over-tense nerves are all unstraining themselves, and a buzz, like that which comes over one who stops after being long jolted upon an uneasy pavement, makes the whole frame alive with a luxurious languid sense of all its inmost fibres .
  • after-pieces
  • after-tastes
  • after-thoughts
  • after-word
  • criminalities
  • crimpiest
  • crimples
  • flouriest

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