What is the correct spelling for FRICKEN?

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Correct spellings for FRICKEN

  • african Stas again recollected those "African Travels" in Port Said, and the narratives of travelers about the stupidity of negroes, who, throwing away packages, run away although in their escape they are threatened by inevitable death.
  • bracken There are plenty of trees of a fair size, and the sides of the valley are covered with bracken and furze, from which peep out great grey rocks.
  • broken He would have broken Peter's heart for that bank, as he has his wife's; for if it had not been for Peter's quarrel with his father, first of all, over it, I don't believe all the rest would have happened.
  • bruckner The monumental researches of Penck and Bruckner in the Alps have there established four glaciations with mild interglacial periods, but all of these cannot be clearly traced in Britain.
  • foregone Is it pleasant to sit on a bench-even though it be the treasury bench-and listen to either absolute nonsense or childish disputes about conclusions that were foregone in the minds of all sensible men a hundred years ago?
  • forsaken Yet the fact that at this forsaken spot human hands had once built shelter, or for this thing had constructed a grave, gave me a certain companionable thrill.
  • franck However, my winnings at Bonn made up all deficiencies, and my banker, M. Franck , complained that I had not made any use of him.
  • frank Moreto's smile was more frank than his reply.
  • freak Nor had we balloons, automobiles, motor sleds or other freak devices.
  • freckle Alfred is about 18 years old, pretty well grown, has blue eyes, light flaxen hair, skin disposed to freckle .
  • freshen You just wait, and I'll freshen your memory, you bad boy!
  • friction But both plays were suggested by the elements of friction in the relations of England and Spain.
  • fridge I think there's some turkey in the fridge ."
  • friedan
  • frighten But you, of course, know what that means and it will not frighten you.
  • fringe Davey saw McNab behind him, his crooked figure and twisted face with the withered fringe of hair about it.
  • frisian It marks the Frisian girl or woman.
  • frisking Some distance farther, under the trees, two more are frisking about, and a rabbit has come to nibble the grass in the open.
  • frisson And the appetite that drove her to ask for more, that was the only sauce-an appetite that was a frisson .
  • frock I'm glad you like this frock .
  • frown I saw my friend frown ever so slightly.
  • frozen For an instant Charlotte's frozen glance met her husband's.
  • pricking Her conscience was pricking her.
  • racking They have done this not for one day and night but for many days and nights, and the strain upon them has been nerve-racking.
  • reckon Reckon you were right about getting into a current.
  • Bricking June 3, 1891 463,251 Bricking Fine Ores .
  • Firemen The firemen were relieved, not angry, as they always are, and Art in his misery was thoughtful enough to slip a square bottle in the pocket of the lieutenant in charge.
  • Flicking Couldn't get out, replied the other man, shooting a frayed cuff and flicking the ash delicately from his cigarette.
  • Foreknew His foreknowledge did not cause this to happen, but he foreknew it because it would happen.
  • Freaked So freaked he charged up here personally, all the way from his fancy corporate building in TriBeCa, to breathe fire and brimstone and yell threats?
  • Freaking The freakin' who's speakin' – House Of Pain And The Rising Sun by House Of Pain
  • Freckling The ground is a pale olive stone-colour, and they are very minutely freckled and mottled, most densely at the large end, with pale, very slightly reddish brown; the freckling is excessively minute and fine.
  • Freckly "Same boy brought it as brought the horse-a little freckly chap mostly all grin and shirtsleeves.
  • Freemen All other owners must have held the title for six calendar months before the 15th of July preceding the registration; and all other voters, except freemen, must have been in occupation of the qualifying premises, or some other premises within the same constituency, for one year preceding the 15th of July.
  • Frolicking
  • Rocking Well Crocodile Rocking is something shocking – Crocodile Rock by Elton John
  • Rucking She lay awake, teased by the rucking of the coarse hot sheet under her back, and the sweat that kept on sliding between her skin and her night gown.
  • Tricking But the thing that just ain't clickin' Is the way y'all legalize trickin' – Uncut, Pure (original Remix) by big daddy kane
  • Frauen Chopin und die Frauen , by Eugen Isolani.
  • Frankie frankie d'you ever talk about frankie? no body ever thanked me – Evil Frankie by Mclusky
  • Freon
  • frocks Paddy, must we put on our best dresses when she comes-our Sunday go-to-meeting frocks , you know?
  • FRIG
  • frigging Instead, she'd sent a frigging e-mail: See attached.
  • fridges
  • ricking
  • counterplots
  • flouriest

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