What is the correct spelling for FRIGE?

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Correct spellings for FRIGE

  • bridge But though Miss Oglander stopped three times in her progress over the bridge , she did not stay at any one place for more than a few moments-not long enough to please the man who had gradually come up close to her.
  • brig "Clap him in the brig , somebody, until we get clear of this place," Iversen ordered wearily.
  • fig It is evident that, in the case of fig .
  • fire I shall try and read for a while by the fire .
  • forage Hay and forage grains were of decreasing importance in a country rapidly becoming enamored of the automobile.
  • forego Nothing would induce me to forego the fruits of my life-work.
  • forge Meanwhile she beheld in imagination fierce flames blazing brightly from the dark soot-the forge fire of life, to which the dead woman's last words had referred.
  • free If you were free ?
  • fri Here it is: Mon-day, Tues-day, Wednesday, Thurs-day, Fri -day, Sat-ur-day.
  • friar Friar Bacon's Birth and Parentage, and by what means he came to be so great a Scholar.
  • fridge Then he retrieved a Brooklyn Lager from the fridge .
  • fried Common is having a treat of eating fried insects on the dirt road, Nawin.
  • fries Fries considered this to be a mere variety of D. farinaceum, but it is readily distinguished by its very small spores.
  • frieze As the actual frieze and the statue cannot be before us, we shall discuss no technical questions of style or treatment, but simply ask how they came to be, what human need do they express.
  • frigate However, as you are now on board the frigate , you may remain, and we will see to what use we can put you.
  • frigga "The first," replied Har, "is Frigga , who has a magnificent mansion called Fensalir.
  • fright Fumba on the mountain, seeing the first sky-rocket, which burst in the heights, fell on the ground from fright and lay as though dead for a few minutes.
  • frigid With the returning sun in the Arctic comes the most frigid season.
  • fringe I hope you see why I cursed that funeral, for bringing even the fringe of that old shadow back over us again.
  • frisk Then taking a frisk or two in a merry vein, they surprisingly whipped him up by the heels, and put him into a full butt of strong beer, the upper head being taken up for that purpose.
  • frog Taking Leo by the nose, Carl pretended to extract from his mouth a handkerchief, a baseball cap, and then a live frog .
  • frogs The Fool had a story about three stars that he had seen rolling down the Grey Hill, and behold, when they got to the bottom-"little bright nickety things, like new saxpennies-it was suddenly so dark that Dicky had to light his lantern and grope his way home with that, and all the frogs began croaking down in the marsh 'something terrible'-now what was the meaning of that?"
  • frye The proof notices have to finish running, and Sam Frye will be throwing the mail sack in at the door."
  • fudge No fudge , no hot chocolate, no cakes, nothing except work until this bazaar is over, then we'll have a spread that will give you indigestion for a week.
  • grieg The songs of Schubert, Schumann, Franz, Brahms, Grieg , Strauss, and Wolf, as well as the Wagnerian drama, are significant in their inseparable union of text and music.
  • prig Aunt Marthe a prig !
  • rage For an instant the girl's heart leaped back to the rage of the night when she had almost prayed for her rifle.
  • ridge Its sides are steep, and the only way of reaching it is by a rocky ridge so narrow that in some places two horses can barely proceed on it side by side.
  • rig Has goin’ out in a swell rig like this gone to your head?
  • riga The plan of sealing up the cornfields of Europe from Riga to Trieste would have been feasible, at least for a few weeks; French troops held Danzig and Stettin; Russia, Prussia, and Denmark were at his beck and call; and an imperial decree forbidding the export of corn from France and her allied States to the United Kingdom could hardly have failed to reduce us to starvation and surrender in the very critical winter of 1810-11. But that strange mental defect of clinging with ever increasing tenacity to preconceived notions led Napoleon to allow and even to favour exports of corn to us in the time of our utmost need; and Britain survived the strain.
  • triage
  • trig A form of seafaring which still retains many of the characteristics of the time when Yankee sailors braved all seas and all weather in trig little wooden schooners, is the pilot service at American ports, and notably at New York.
  • Forager Bobby himself had once seen Corrigan chase a would-be forager out at the point of a carving knife.
  • ORIG The lictors were orig.
  • FREQ
  • FRAG 94. Was frag ich nach der Welt.
  • FRIG
  • fridges
  • after-pieces
  • after-thoughts
  • counterplots
  • flouriest

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