What is the correct spelling for FROUP?

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Correct spellings for FROUP

  • crop He took the crop at his own hand, and never put a value upon anything at all; but he told me that if I was not off the ground by such a time he would put me off.
  • croup The parts of the body most exposed to this condition are the croup , the back, the top of the neck, and the root of the tail.
  • croupy "He was a little croupy before I left and I'm taking that six-three for Chicago, Mrs. Penny, and I wonder if you would do something for me.
  • droop Her sweet mouth had relaxed into a pathetic little droop ; the rich undercolour had receded from her cheeks; her eyes had shaped themselves to a look of weary sadness.
  • drop If they had run away they would have had to drop everything."
  • faro Good Lord, look at that faro table!"
  • flop Instead, they settled on the person with an appreciable flop and then crawled to the desired spot.
  • fop He is a fop , and we would not suit each other.
  • foray First, however, he made a foray on the water keg.
  • fore When I went first to open the back-door, she endeavoured to force through the fire at the fore -door, but was struck back twice to the ground.
  • forum Many bold spirits rushed from the counting house to the forum and the field, resolved on victory or death.
  • fr At Pontassieve a carriage for two at 12 fr .
  • frappe "Naturally," she nodded, shuffling the pack with her smooth, savant fingers and laying them out as she repeated the formula: "Qui frappe ?
  • frau It was surely Frau Makart who spoke.
  • fraud His pretended knowledge of the Greek and Latin languages was a deception and fraud .
  • freud For Freud , Jung and Adler took up the story where Janet left off.
  • fri
  • frock Mignon's frock made her look older, she decided.
  • frog Drink a cup of dirty water and a load of bony frog Slip me seven dollars and i'll pump it full of smog – Twig by beck
  • froth Their dearest secret to the downy moth That will not fly at noonday, through the foam and surging froth – Charmides by Oscar Wilde
  • frown Nor need we here to fear the frown Of court or crown; – HIS WINDING-SHEET by Robert Herrick
  • frump "Well, don't let's talk of that old frump any more.
  • frumpy There were frumpy dresses more than a few,-there always are,-and there was the usual proportion of plain girls and uninteresting men, but she did not see those.
  • fry
  • furor
  • group Cause here's a scoop For you and your group – POWDERED MILK MAN by aquabats
  • prop
  • rap Jim's arm darted out and the butt-end of the revolver caught Dalton such a sharp rap over the head that that individual was some seconds before he recovered.
  • rep Here the whole drawing-room suite is in cretonne or rep , and comprises the couch, six chairs, and lady's and gent's easy-chairs, which we saw before at Muttonwool's.
  • rip The declaration seemed to rip away a curtain from Tom's thoughts.
  • rope When I came up again, I asked you to go down and let me hold the rope for you.
  • ropy He had a prominent, well-shaped nose, athwart which the skin was stretched like leather in the process of being rubbed down on the currier's bench, and his ropy black hair was carefully smoothed over his temples and brows, in a way to show that he was abroad on a holiday excursion.
  • troop He escaped with his troop to the Philistines: the rebellion was at an end.
  • troupe The current big thing is not to allow El Hassan and his immediate troupe to be eliminated before full activities can get under way.
  • Fora
  • Froze
  • Fro
  • From
  • RP
  • FPO
  • frosh
  • after-maths

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