What is the correct spelling for FRUTY?

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Correct spellings for FRUTY

  • brut In these extensive vaults are casks of fine reserved wines for blending with youthful vintages, and bottles of vin brut, built up in solid stacks, that may be reckoned by their hundreds of thousands.
  • fatty It includes, besides various other substances, several free fatty acids and their glycerides, the acids of low melting point being most abundant.
  • faulty This condition is chiefly caused by a faulty secretion of the sebaceous glands of the ear.
  • forty He 's known down the coast for forty miles.
  • frat Another of your fine ideas will wreck this frat.
  • fraud Whereupon, Mr. Herbert Bridgman, secretary of the Peary Arctic Club, shouted aloud, "Fraud!"
  • fray It was now the latter part of October and both teams were utilizing as much of their spare time as possible in preparing for the fray.
  • fret She'd fret herself to death.
  • freud Keble's views are so sound and clear that one marvels they were not taken up before Freud.
  • frey Frey is the author of a long and learned dialogue, entitled "Joseph and Benjamin;" also of a Hebrew Dictionary.
  • friday "Ay," muttered he to himself, "Thursday night-Friday, at all events-will close the record.
  • frosty The frosty air is so keen that it is excluded at all cost.
  • frothy But on the contrary, as it turned out, the short, fat man with the unwholesome complexion was not at this moment in the humor for frothy and windy invective about nothing; perhaps the abundant supper had mollified him; he was quite suave.
  • fruit This did not, however, bear fruit at all quickly.
  • fruity She sipped at her wine, deep but still fruity and delicious, as it booted up.
  • fry Fry it in butter.
  • furry One ancient custom still exists there, in the observance of "Furry Day," supposed to be the corruption of "Flora's Day," which festival is annually held on March 9, and is celebrated by the principal inhabitants dancing and carrying flowers up and down the High Street.
  • fury The storm increased in fury.
  • fusty But this was the heart of summer, and there was no need to go into the musty, fusty old house.
  • rut The usual invigorating breeze was still, and Nevis's horse had fallen to a walk, pursued by a cloud of flies, when he made out the mail-carrier plodding slowly down the rut-marked trail in front of him.
  • rutty And in the midst of tea a wild dissipation occurred, for a piano-van came slowly down the rutty lane which led to the front avenue.
  • Footy I've been marching and fighting for six weeks with the Army, and every footy little village for fifty miles has come in rejoiceful; and more than that, I've got the key of the whole show, as you'll see, and I've got a crown for you!
  • Fred And she could not believe that the miracle had been repeated with Fred.
  • Fritz No one'd ever know how good Fritz is unless they lived with him.
  • Rudy She knew from the first poor little Rudy wouldn't live.
  • Freddy Little Freddy confessed with a repentant face that he had cut them up to make winders for twine.
  • Fruits Such a man could not afford to divide the fruits of Polar attainment with another.
  • frets He rides a venerable hunter called Pepper, which is a counterpart of himself, a heady cross-grained animal, that frets the flesh off its bones; bites, kicks, and plays all manner of villainous tricks.
  • FUT Un tel qu'on vantait Par hasard etait D'origine assez mince; Par hasard il plut, Par hasard il fut Baron, ministre, et prince.
  • frats We decided to make it a three-night demonstration of all that the Siwash frats had learned in the art of imitating dynamite and other disintegrants.
  • Frito De zorrullito mezcla'o con sofrito Y si me traen el bacalaito frito – La Madre De Los Enanos by Calle 13
  • being on top of heap
  • crawl out of
  • gives glad hand
  • gynics