What is the correct spelling for FULED?

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Correct spellings for FULED

  • failed He says it was to gie himsel' up to the law, but from the letter to Hester it's likely his courage failed him.
  • felled A creature I could have felled to the ground at one blow.
  • field Think that ye see a long, long field .
  • filet Course after course comes up as by magic from that dark kitchen,-petits pois, a toothsome filet , mushrooms, pickled goose, tartlets, cheese, fruit,-and each a fresh revelation of a Pyrenean chef's capabilities.
  • filled Jane's eyes filled with happy tears.
  • fluid A fluid is a substance that, like air or water, yields to any force that tends to change its form; a liquid is a body in that state in which the particles move freely among themselves, but remain in one mass, keeping the same volume, but taking always the form of the containing vessel; a liquid is an inelastic fluid ; a gas is an elastic fluid that tends to expand to the utmost limits of the containing space. All liquids are fluid s, but not all fluid s are liquids; air and all the gases are fluid s, but they are not liquids under ordinary circumstances, tho capable of being reduced to a liquid form by special means, as by cold and pressure. Water at the ordinary temperature is at once a fluid and a liquid.
  • foaled When the horses arrived, there was only just enough water for all to drink; but one mare was away, and Robinson said she had foaled .
  • foiled He was worn out in body, and savage from being foiled by the swollen river at each attempt he made, but while the odds against him were rapidly growing heavier he meant to fight.
  • fold The reason for this is two-fold.
  • fouled Even in water beyond their belts the men tried to clean their rifles and their belts from the mud which had fouled them, knowing that later on their lives might depend on this.
  • fueled The touch of a finger meant death in a fiery inferno as the gamma-matter that fueled the ship and formed the war-heads of their lethal eggs would release its total energy.
  • fumed Then, while he yet fumed , she suddenly grew grave.
  • furled Anticipating the coming storm, the captain made rapid preparations, and furled all sail.
  • fused Miss Ponsonby's face rivalled the afterglow into which the gorgeous spectacle before them was beginning to melt like metals fused in a crucible; but, after an instant, she lifted her eyes and gazed with a remarkable intensity at Judge Barton.
  • ruled Marie Kryzinska may be ruled out to begin with.
  • Filed She remembered that she would need plenty of hot water to wash all those dishes, and the zinc pail was empty; it always was, it seemed to her, no matter how often she filed it.
  • Fled No answer was given to this message, but after a short time it was discovered that the two princes had fled, though in what direction we were, as before, unable to ascertain.
  • Fooled I've fooled around diseased and mistreated bodies the most of a lifetime, and I ought to know something, if I don't.
  • Fowled I think we have seen one another in the mornings sometimes, said the heavily-fowled man, though I have noticed that you are an earlier riser than I am.
  • Fulled The fulled cloth and the flannel came home.
  • Puled Kent picked a spray of flowers and puled them ruthlessly to pieces.
  • flied No time has been flied .
  • fuelled With light hearts, smiling faces, and cheerful shouts, the harvest labourers and their wives and children, carrying green boughs, a sheaf of wheat, and rude flags, formed a glad procession to the farmer's house, where they found the fuelled chimney blazing wide, and "the strong table groaning beneath the smoking sirloin."

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