What is the correct spelling for FULFIT?

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Correct spellings for FULFIT

  • delft Just as Ned was leaving Delft some despatches had been placed in his hands for delivery upon his arrival in London to Lord Walsingham.
  • falsity The first few notes were right, though tremblingly given; then came a quivering and a faltering and a falsity that made the doctor's boys cover their laughing mouths with their hands, while their eyes twinkled with suppressed merriment.
  • fault It was not Stas' fault.
  • faulty Any theory of explanation that fails to embrace such is essentially faulty, misleading, and not worthy of adoption.
  • felt I never felt that way.
  • fifty He was not more than fifty, and he looked an old man.
  • filet
  • fillet Found in 1826, this beautiful winged figure of Victory, which is six feet high, still bears a trace of the silver fillet interwoven with a wreath of laurel-leaves that bound her hair.
  • flat The murderer lay flat on his back, his eyes closed and his mouth open.
  • fleet Then Fleet Deer led his son to the middle of the wigwam.
  • flight Then they began their flight; and the flight of the Monkey-People through tree-land is one of the things nobody can describe.
  • flint Nothing here to worry about, Flint.
  • flirt "I shall never flirt with the nurses," he promised, looking at her.
  • flit Knit, Dorothy, knit, The sunbeams round thee flit, So merry the minutes go by, go by, While fast thy fingers fly, they fly.
  • float Still, I was to go, and dine, and float on the water, plucking flowers.
  • flout But surely they bear a stain and stigma, and their fellow-thegns flout them?
  • fluent His pen was easy and fluent.
  • fluff In a few minutes Speckle came in Fluffie's room and said:- "Fluff, the doctor says Lady Gray will soon be well.
  • fluffy No, leave it slick like that, but something fluffy in a hat or a sun-bonnet with a pink bow under the chin.
  • fluid Spencer has taught the world that all social institutions are fluid and not fixed.
  • flute I will never play the flute or draw the sword again.
  • forfeit In another year it will be too late, for by the laws of the country it will be forfeit."
  • fulfill Even if the King had been desirous to fulfill the promises which he had made to the Presbyterians, it would have been out of his power to do so.
  • left Everything there was as they had left it.
  • lift "But we, you see," said Anna-Felicitas, "are equally convinced that it's a lift."
  • loft Cellar and loft shall glory, Table and hearth shall praise, Hearing October's story Of June and the merry days.
  • sulfate
  • sulfide
  • Fulled
  • forklift
  • fluffed So far was his darkened mind from comprehending that I, in a foreign land, among a weird people, must now have a go at being a gentleman; and that if I fluffed my catch we should all be gossipped to rags!
  • fluffs
  • FLT
  • fullest
  • fluffiest I shall line my nest with the softest, fluffiest feathers that I can find there.
  • flirty
  • fluffier
  • foulest But what is an attack upon Joan, being briefly the foulest and obscenest attempt ever made to stifle the grandeur of a great human struggle, viz.