What is the correct spelling for FURDEST?

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Correct spellings for FURDEST

  • faddist He's such a faddist .
  • farthest The inspiration of the Farthest North for a brief time thrilled me.
  • fastest 4. Which can run the fastest faster, John or Henry?
  • fewest The artist begins the article by protesting that of all subjects in the world it is the one upon which he has the least and fewest ideas, and that such ideas as he has consist principally of his admiration for illustrations by others.
  • finest The finest is 6d.
  • first But of money will I need first a little to get us there.
  • forest There will be bare rocks one day and a regular forest on them the next.
  • frost But these and other effects of frost will be treated of under the head of Frozen Water.
  • furthest You know such an idea is the one furthest from our minds.
  • modest There was, after all, enough of deeds, though related in the most modest manner.
  • nudist Hearing rumors that a nudist colony was to be established in the county's Dranesville District, the Herndon News-Observer declared stoutly We have a lot of objectionable people in the county, who have spilled over from Washington, but we will at least require that they bring their 'duds' along before they can hope to experience a cordial reception.
  • Durst Durst thou doe this?
  • Fest Monday was the Lieder fest, or festival of song, to which, on this occasion, not only the townspeople and villagers from all the neighbouring towns and villages came with their banners and bands, but every small royalty from far and near flocked to meet the Queen of England.
  • Forded Of its depth they were of course ignorant, and to attempt its passage without having ascertained whether it could be forded might have been productive of fatal consequences.
  • Forrest Forrest, amazed and embarrassed by the unexpected honor, changed places with Horace.
  • fades Just as the red light fades away, a group of black specks is seen against the sky, rising from the fir-timber that bounds the distant river.
  • fortes Music was, strange to say, for such a character, one of his fortes , indeed it was a hobby with him; and he was not only a first-rate player in the mere sense of mechanical dexterity, but was also a thorough musician at heart.
  • FORDS For I hae a' the fords o' Liddel set.
  • FUDS
  • fullest "I thank you heartily for that speech," said the old man, as he grasped the other's hand cordially; "you deserve, and shall have my fullest confidence."
  • oddest Now as to this aspect of his remedy, it is surely one of the oddest of his delusions to dream of curing pauperism by multiplying the recipients of poor relief, and taking away from it, as he claims credit for doing, through the countenance of numbers, that reproach which has hitherto been the strongest preventive against it.
  • rudest These men, unaccustomed even in their own cottages to such coarse food, often declined to eat it, and went away empty, but not before delivering their opinion of the fare, expressed in language of the rudest kind.
  • weirdest You will find this the weirdest part of the whole procedure, for you will naturally assume that this young man is being examined, and will be dazed when some one explains that the patient is in Toronto or Boston or New Orleans, and that this young man's body is the instrument which the doctor uses in the determining of the vibration rates of the patient's blood.
  • hardest It would be hardest of all to lose a husband, and the Elder has failed so much since Peter Junior's death.
  • fustiest
  • fittest Because of the cruel law of the survival of the fittest , the less useful dogs had gone into the stomachs of their stronger companions.
  • fattest And Davey, all impatience for her to go on with the story, though he could have almost told it himself, would say: "And the smallest and fattest of the men, in a red coat-" "Oh, yes!"
  • widest Where the ribbon was widest K'dunk found out, in some way, that the thin sod covered a hollow underneath, and he worked at this until the sod gave way and he tumbled into a roomy cavern under one of the flagstones.
  • freest In accordance with it the purpose is that the Japanese shall come here exactly as Americans go to Japan, which is in effect that travellers, students, persons engaged in international business, men who sojourn for pleasure or study, and the like, shall have the freest access from one country to the other, and shall be sure of the best treatment, but that there shall be no settlement in mass by the people of either country in the other."
  • funniest "You're the funniest duck that ever was, Doggie.
  • wordiest
  • cutest "The cutest trick of them all," he continued with a grim chuckle, "was your crawling in here to-night through the window and pretending to have eluded the Duke's sentinels.
  • tardiest Perfected reason is truly the tardiest of human endowments, but it can never be perfected at all unless the process be begun, and, within limits, the sooner the beginning is made, the earlier will be the ripening.
  • loudest It was great fun to them, and they were shouting and laughing their loudest only not a sound of it all could be heard on account of the thunderous roar of the organ which filled and seemed to make the whole building tremble.
  • hardiest To them-one after another-were given the names meaning Glacier, Cold, Snow, Drift, Snow Whirl, and Snow Dust, the oldest being the biggest and hardiest .
  • fieriest The queen, who had been sitting passive, and looking as if she were in spirit a thousand miles away, now started up with sharp suddenness, and favored his highness with one of her fieriest fiery glances.
  • fairest Alone the youths made answer, "That cannot be, you fairest maid, that you with us be taken!
  • foulest There is no humour in that side of war, though Irish soldiers, and English soldiers too, refuse to be beaten by the foulest conditions until the last strength is out of them.
  • fondest The hunter may here realize his fondest hopes.
  • fiercest They are exceedingly useful to them in their hunting excursions and will attack the fiercest of the game they are in pursuit of.
  • fussiest We pride ourselves upon our solid deliberation, yet we are about the fussiest and most interfering race on the face of the globe.
  • fuzziest
  • in-advertent
  • noumena

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