What is the correct spelling for FVOR?

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Correct spellings for FVOR

  • able recognize
  • aver Many aver that she marred her undoubted gifts of wit through this insatiable desire for one sole topic of conversation-her own beauty and its due meed of praise.
  • avow I accordingly followed her to Wales, and sought the earliest opportunity to avow the state of my heart.
  • become real
  • ever No one has or ever will."
  • fair Some years I never got a fair account, and in other years I did.
  • far 5346. Then why do you go so far?
  • faro The genteel gambler, who sat behind a table with its green cloth and silver faro-box, forgot to throw his card, but held his arm poised in the air till any man could have seen the Jack of Clubs, though a thousand dollars' worth of gold-dust depended on the turn.
  • favor Her suggestion met with some favor.
  • favors
  • favour 5852. Are you one of the men who generally have a balance in your favour at the end of the year?
  • fear There's nothing to fear from him now.
  • Fer Here's one I been savin' fer quite a spell back, thinkin' mebbe I'd have company some day.
  • fervor Edwin jumped at the idea, and, leaving Tom to look after the auto, hastened down the ravine to Jones' Falls, and moved up and down the Falls, calling for the vanished damsel with a fervor that might have caused doubts as to his sanity had anyone heard it.
  • fever Soon afterwards Marshall, who had been in the Low Country, went down with fever.
  • fir He declined to stir until I stopped to watch him, then merely flew about a dozen yards away and attached himself to the trunk of a fir tree at the roadside and waited there for me to go.
  • fiver They was a sore-head trio for fair, after that; but when I'd paid 'em off, with a fiver extra for luck, they drops out of a window onto the lawn and pikes off like a squad of jail-breakers.
  • flavor She smiled but the word, favorable as it was, didn't have the flavor of Paris or cities in America.
  • Flo It may be all right yet, Flo; it may indeed-if you can forgive his weakness."
  • floe He moved over the floe cautiously, feeling the darkness.
  • floor All this time she would eye her master sharply, and if he moved, she would fall down on the floor at once, and pretend to be asleep.
  • flour If I have a stock of flour and eat it up, there is an end of the flour, and I cannot be said to save that.
  • flow Now time has begun to flow around her like a river.
  • fob And near it, half-hidden among the jagged stones, were Morton's watch and fob.
  • foe It is even greater satisfaction, did we but acknowledge it, to turn the tables on a friend than on a foe.
  • fog "You won't see it because of the fog.
  • FOL Qui fol envoye fol attend.
  • FOO
  • food You need food-and I have no food to give!"
  • fool He isn't a fool, by any means.
  • foot The night was so dark that I could scarcely see a foot above me.
  • fop I know one thing at least, that I have just met Cornelia and that young fop George Hyde coming up the street together, as if they two alone were in the world.
  • Fora
  • ford Economy in time is usually of more importance at the end than at the beginning of a day, and it is well to know that, whereas from the foot of the rock to Black Sail by way of the valley would take up the greater part of an hour, Mr. Hastings and the writer once timed themselves on the High Level, and found that they reached Lookingstead in 18 minutes and the ford in Mosedale in seven minutes more.
  • fore "Here I am to the fore," said Naggeneen.
  • fork He crossed the Fork just there," said the old man, pointing, "and he took over the hill for French Village.
  • form They received me without any form, as if I had been an old friend, and I at once felt myself perfectly at home.
  • fort The view from his window in the Fort to the west was splendid.
  • four There are four of us besides me.
  • FPO
  • fr Each bath 1 fr.
  • Fro
  • fur Fur is just fur.
  • furor The entire procession halted, and as the drumbeats rose in tempo to a heightened furor, shaking the very bones of all present as by the impending battle sounds of the hooves of war horses, Master Rababull stepped momentously around to the fore, facing them all front and center in a grand entrance.
  • LVOV July 20-Kerensky becomes premier on resignation of Prince Lvov.
  • over Now it's all over.
  • savor It had, in the words of a thirteenth-century translator of Bishop Grosseteste's Castle of Love, "no savor before a clerk."