What is the correct spelling for GABBA?

If you're looking for alternative suggestions for the misspelled word "gabba", a few possibilities come to mind. It could be intended as "gabbard", a surname or "gabber", a genre of electronic music. Another option might be "gabble", meaning to speak rapidly and incoherently.

Correct spellings for GABBA

  • aba
  • abbe The abbe is known for his inspiring sermons and virtuous life.
  • Abby Abby was excited to start her new job at the tech company.
  • cabby The cabby drove us to the airport at breakneck speed.
  • gab I could hear the constant gab of the ladies next door.
  • gabbed She gabbed on and on about her weekend plans, not noticing that no one was listening.
  • gabble The excited children began to gabble about what they had seen at the zoo.
  • gabby My aunt is very gabby and loves to talk for hours on end.
  • gable It is diagnostic of gable roofing to have a triangular or hipped roof.
  • gabon I can't believe Gabon is so cheap!
  • gabs Sarah gabs to her friends about her weekend plans.
  • gaea Gaea, also known as Mother Earth, was a primordial deity in Greek mythology.
  • gaga I went gaga over the new puppy and couldn't stop playing with him all day.
  • gala Isaac Mizrahi hosted a gala performance at the museum.
  • GAMA The GAMA project aims to create a comprehensive database of galaxies and their properties in the observable universe.
  • gambia Gambia is home to several wildlife parks and nature reserves, including the Abuko Nature Reserve.
  • garb She donned her ceremonial garb for the important event.
  • garbo She was an actress who was known for her portrayal of Garbo.
  • garbs I love buying garbs for my daughter.
  • Gaza Israel continues its blockade of Gaza.
  • gibbs I put my gibbs on the table.
  • grabby I don't like being around grabby people who always try to take things from me without asking.
  • Kaaba The Kaaba is the most sacred place in Islam.