What is the correct spelling for GABBION?

For the misspelling "gabbion", possible correct suggestions include "gabion", which refers to a metal or wire cage filled with stones used for erosion control or "gabbing", meaning casual or friendly conversation. Double-checking the context can help determine the correct spelling and meaning of the word.

Correct spellings for GABBION

  • Albion Albion is also the ancient and poetic name for Britain or England.
  • Gabbier My coworkers are much gabbier than I am and they never seem to run out of things to talk about.
  • Gabbing I can hear my neighbors gabbing loudly in their backyard.
  • Gabon Gabon is a beautiful country located on the coast of West Africa.
  • Gambian The Gambian president made a speech on national television.
  • Gibbon The gibbon swung through the trees, its long arms propelling it effortlessly forward.