What is the correct spelling for GABDLEB?

If you find yourself typing "Gabdleb" instead of something else, don't worry! It's likely a simple typo. The correct suggestions could be "Handle", "Gabble" or "Gentle". Just keep an eye on your keyboard and proofread before hitting send.

Correct spellings for GABDLEB

  • Gabble The room was filled with the gabble of multiple conversations.
  • Gabbled The auctioneer gabbled so fast that I couldn't keep up with the bids.
  • Gabbles She gabbles away about nothing in particular, always chattering like a magpie.
  • Gable Clark Gable was a Hollywood icon during the Golden Age of Hollywood.
  • Gabled The gabled roof of the old farmhouse was covered with moss and had a charming rustic look.
  • Gables The house was a beautiful white colonial with blue shutters and a wrap-around porch, but what set it apart were the two grand gables that reached towards the sky.