What is the correct spelling for GABEL?

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Correct spellings for GABEL

  • abel Abel Force took it and read it aloud.
  • able It is a question Adeler would be better able to answer.
  • babel As the gallant sea-and-air ship rose, her three occupants waved their hands in farewell in rejoinder to the babel of shouts beneath them.
  • cabal The king was very angry with Voltaire, and wrote the following letter to him from Potsdam: "I knew how to maintain peace in my house till your arrival; and I must confess to you, that if you continue to intrigue and cabal, you will be no longer welcome.
  • cable The remainder of our prisoners not being in readiness, we were forced to bring up and moor ship a cable each way.
  • gab The governor here, he say that was the gift of the gab and nothun else; all parsons have their fair share; but this here reverend, he do seem to be a holy terror, an' no mistake.
  • gabble Here and there in the streets hangs a sign: "Hop Kee," "Sam Lin," "Lee Chung," "Ah Sin," "Washing," or "Chinese Laundry," and "Labor provided," or "Intelligence-Office," and through the steamy windows you catch a glimpse of white-shirted Chinamen, bending over their ironing, and a mixed gabble of strange "Ahs" and "Yahs" strikes the ear as you pass by.
  • gable One spring a cuckoo came to this nest in the ivy close to the casement; she was seen flying near the house several times, and, being observed to visit the ivy-covered gable, was finally traced to the wagtail's nest.
  • gabled Difficult as it must always be to find an image which shall supply a stranger with any clear idea of a mass so irregular and unsymmetrical as this, yet its general appearance and the arrangement of its parts may be roughly apprehended in the following manner:-Imagine a large two-gabled church planted on the side of a steep hill.
  • gabriel If Gabriel wouldn't, she should take her things up to the house and put them on and walk down to the sea in a cloak.
  • gael Something violent, something that was at once love and hatred, surged in the strange heart of the Gael below him.
  • gal "'Melia's a fine-looking gal," assented Mr. Kybird.
  • gale The admiral on this made signals for the whole fleet to collect together, and prepare for a heavy gale.
  • gamble I was a gambler before you were born, although I don't gamble any more.
  • garble I saw with sorrow that men would mutilate and garble the story; that rival creeds would turn it upside down till, at last, the western world which clings to the dread of death more closely than the hope of life, would set it aside as an interesting superstition and stampede after some faith so long forgotten that it seemed altogether new.
  • gavel Mr. Brownley will please speak from this platform, and remember, in thirty minutes to the second, I will sound the gavel for the resumption of business.
  • gel "Everybody finds it hard enough to bear his own cross," said Jungel, seizing his long crutches.
  • gobble But do you think I am going sneaking back to camp with the story that I let one Johnny gobble me?
  • kabul Shuja'u-l-Mulk, whom we seated on the throne of Kabul some fifteen years ago, was descended from him.
  • label The only apparent difference in these boxes now is the lead label at either end, which was not there when they entered the camp.
  • Gayle The Haldanes were there, and Father Gayle, and on this occasion four or five other people; in fact, it was a sort of "send-off" affair, for he was to start early on the following morning.
  • Mabel "You are my baby girl that I lost long ago, my own little Mabel.
  • GABLES Mr. Buxton pointed to a turret peeping between two high gables, above his own room.