What is the correct spelling for GABULA?

If you are looking for alternative suggestions for the misspelling "gabula", a correct replacement could be "gabble" which means to talk rapidly and often unintelligibly. Another possibility is "gabriel", a name commonly given to boys. Remember to double-check your spellings to convey your intended meaning accurately.

Correct spellings for GABULA

  • Abuela I visit my Abuela every Sunday for lunch.
  • Abuja Abuja is Nigeria's capital city located in the center of the country.
  • Cabala He was interested in studying the cabala.
  • Fibula The fibula bone is located on the lateral side of the lower leg and plays a role in stabilizing the ankle joint.
  • Gabble The excited students began to gabble about the upcoming school dance.
  • Gable The house had a prominent gable on the roof, adding character to its design.
  • Gala I am attending a gala event next week to raise funds for cancer research.
  • Garuda Garuda is often depicted as a fierce bird with sharp talons and a wingspan capable of blocking out the sun.
  • Gaul Gaul was once a Roman province that covered modern-day France, Belgium, and parts of Switzerland.
  • Gauls The Gauls were a Celtic people who inhabited present-day France and Belgium.
  • glebula
  • Kabul Kabul has been continuously inhabited for over 3,500 years.
  • Nebula The Orion Nebula is one of the most famous and easily observed objects in the night sky.
  • Paula Paula is my best friend from elementary school.
  • Tabla Tabla is often played in conjunction with the sitar in traditional Indian music.
  • Tabular The researchers created a tabular chart to display the data from their survey.