What is the correct spelling for GADLINGG?

If you find yourself struggling with the misspelling "gadlingg", there are a few possible correct suggestions to consider. It could be a typo of "gadling", which means a wandering or vagabond person. Another option is "gadding", which refers to moving about aimlessly. Lastly, it might be a mistake for "gaggling", meaning to laugh or chatter in a boisterous manner.

Correct spellings for GADLINGG

  • Gadding She always seemed to be gadding about, never staying in one place for long.
  • Galling It is galling to see how much money he has wasted on useless things.
  • Gatling The Gatling gun revolutionized warfare by being the first machine gun.
  • Ladling She was ladling soup into her bowl when the phone rang.