What is the correct spelling for GAE?

If you've mistyped "gae" and are wondering about the correct spelling, there are a few suggestions for what word you might have intended. It could be "age", referring to a person's number of years or "game", relating to activities or entertainment. Another possibility is "gaze", relating to a steady or intent look.

Correct spellings for GAE

  • ga I want some ga.
  • gab The sound of the doorbell made Gab feel rattled.
  • gad
  • gaea Gaea, the Greek goddess of the earth, was believed to have given birth to the Titans and helped create the universe.
  • gael
  • gag I can't believe she ate that whole piece of cake with a gag!
  • gage I used a gage to measure the depth of the water in the pond.
  • gal She was the only gal on the team, but she held her own against the guys.
  • gale The gale was so strong that the ships were tossed about on the water.
  • game I am excited to play the game with my friends tonight.
  • GAO The Government Accountability Office, or GAO, is responsible for investigating government spending and auditing government programs.
  • gap In the gap between the shelves, there was a large rat.
  • gape
  • gar I think he has a real gar on him.
  • gas She smelled gas coming from the kitchen and quickly turned off the stove.
  • gate The gate to the garden was left ajar.
  • Gave I gave my sister a hug when she came home.
  • gaze I couldn't stop myself from staring at the breathtaking scenery, my gaze fixed on the majestic mountains.
  • ge
  • gee Did you see that dog running across the street? Gee, that was fast.
  • GTE The company, GTE, is a leading telecommunications company.
  • Mae Mae has always been a hardworking and ambitious person.
  • NAE I only have a few sheets of paper left, so I'll need to borrow a pen from Nae.
  • Rae Rae lost her keys on the way to her car.

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