What is the correct spelling for GAHTER?

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Correct spellings for GAHTER

  • carter That's a bright boy-Sam Carter .
  • cater This glittering glass block, especially built to cater to the tourist trade from Earth, was Earth-conditioned inside.
  • cather One catches echoes of him, perhaps, in Willa Sibert Cather , in Mary S. Watts, in David Graham Phillips, in Sherwood Anderson and in Joseph Medill Patterson, but, after all, they are no more than echoes.
  • gaiety Jane Oglander, then a young, clear-eyed girl, with a certain tender gaiety , a straightforward simplicity of nature which had strongly appealed to his own more complex character, had helped him and indeed made it possible for him to do this.
  • gait He departed with his peculiar gait .
  • gaiter When Edna knocked at Mademoiselle Reisz's front room door and entered, she discovered that person standing beside the window, engaged in mending or patching an old prunella gaiter .
  • garter In 1602 came Sir William Segar's Honour, Military and Civil, with eight plates showing various distinguished persons, English and foreign, wearing the robes and insignia of the Garter , the Golden Fleece, S. Michael, etc.
  • gate I'll sit, my life long, at your gate , you know, Swing it wide open to let you and him Pass freely,-and you need not look, much less Fling me a 'Thank you!
  • gateau Oct. 10-Allies capture Le Gateau .
  • gates The half-conscious, vague knowledge of this made the shut gates the more significant; their barred faces were written over, large, with words.
  • gather She had learned how, through her father's understanding and study, to gather out the good, and leave the rest, in all things.
  • gatt Hence is the name, Glenn Gatt , of that glen.
  • ghat We are going south-east now; Bombay away to our right over the bay, and the Ghat we saw to the south in extended battlements and towers, now shows in profile as one tower, on high and steep escarpments.
  • goatee The Colonel pulled his goatee uneasily.
  • goiter The cause of goiter has never been definitely ascertained.
  • grater When a pinch was wanted, the root was drawn a few times over the iron rasp, and so the snuff was produced and could be offered to a friend with much more grace than under the above-mentioned process with the pocket-grater.
  • gutter From there he clambered along the gutter of the addition until he reached the window of a middle room.
  • hater A pencil note was brought downstairs to the master by Grover, who wore a demure look, as though she guessed how novel and charming a pastime to the woman-hater was this playful exchange of love-letters.
  • Gadder Gadder Roy, who is toiling over the pitcher-and-bowl circuit, wishes that some poet would do a lyric on that salvation of the traveler, Ham and Eggs.
  • Gated The Thebaid praised "the divine wisdom of Cadmus;" in the poems of Hesiod he leads home Harmonia, "the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite," and Pindar describes how the Muses sang for "the divine Cadmus, the wealthiest of mortals, when in seven-gated Thebes he led the ox-eyed Harmonia to the bridal-bed."
  • Gite On ne sait pas s'il a une autre gite que cela.
  • Kate But she had no shoes, Aunt Kate , and she was just my height.
  • gator Maggie knew, with a deep and intimate experience, every lane and road within twenty miles' radius of St. Dreot's, There was the high-road that went through Gator Hill to Clinton and then to Polwint; here were the paths across the fields to Lucent, the lanes that led to the valley of the Lisp, all the paths like spiders' webs through Rothin Wood, from whose curve you could see Polchester, grey and white, with its red-brown roofs and the spires of the Cathedral thrusting like pointing fingers into the heaven.
  • Gautier In the train or on horseback, or with mules or a donkey, or a coach and four, as did Theophile Gautier .
  • GTE Prior to being named BulletProof Messenger (BPM), the group was originally named Gone To Earth (GTE).
  • gaunter Whether it be so or no, said Sir Raynold, the third brother, let us now go mount upon our horses and rescue our brother Sir Gaunter , upon pain of death.
  • gaiters They wear gaiters , and sometimes a kind of hood for the head.
  • garters His breeches were also left unbuttoned at the knees, not from any slovenliness, but to show a broad pair of scarlet garters .

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