What is the correct spelling for GALON?

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Correct spellings for GALON

  • alone That have an ear alone For those new comrades they have found, Lord Edward and Wolfe Tone, Or meddle with our give and take – Sixteen Dead Men by William Butler Yeats
  • clan Had been the wildest of his clan, Forsook his crimes, renounced his folly, And, after ten months' melancholy, Became a good and honest man. – Peter Bell, A Tale by William Wordsworth
  • clone But you had to bring me down for a rock 'n roll clone Leave me like a sucker standing all alone – I Go Crazy by queen
  • clown You got me jumping like a crazy clown And I don't feature what your puttin' down – Stupid Cupid by Unknown Author
  • colon Ma-ma, battlin', cancer, of the colon At the tender age of thirteen, watchin his world close in – Story To Tell by Ja Rule
  • gabon Mr. Le Roy, at present Bishop of Gabon.
  • gain That nothing could be used to turn them both to gain, For of the two the trusty knight was wounded with disdain: – Miscellaneous: Poem XVI. by Unknown Author
  • gal grand canal, gal. This is the Row me, row me, grand canal, I love it, Down the grand I love it, I I love it, canal, – Finale by Unknown Author
  • gala She had heard of great men who were always giving gala performances in public, but whose wives and daughters saw only the empty theatre, with the footlights out and the scenery stacked in the wings; but with him it was just the other way: wonderful as he was in public, in society, she sometimes felt he wasn't doing himself justice-he was so much more wonderful at home.
  • gale Spun before the gale -- Buy my heath and lilies And I'll tell you whence you hail! Under hot Constantia broad the vineyards lie -- – The Flowers by Rudyard Kipling
  • galen
  • galena
  • gall You're equal parts hot air and gall And no one would doubt me Without me you're nothing at all – You're Nothing Without Me by Unknown Author
  • galleon Cards thought Galleon very dull and never spoke to him if he could avoid doing so, and Peter was sometimes quite angry with Galleon because he would "turn up so" when one might have had Cards to oneself.
  • galling Might it not have sprung from a sudden desperate resolution to accept a devotion which offered her a way out of difficulties especially galling to one of her gentle but lofty spirit?
  • gallon witha gallon lookin for a stallion – June 27 (freestyle) by Big Moe
  • glean
  • glen It vos dot funny leetle vellow Glen, Captain.
  • glenn He'd been in the same company with Glenn.
  • glow Alone in the dying glow, she must wander by night and appear before thee.
  • goon
  • halon
  • kaolin Dick said it was a jolly shame, and Arthur considered it to be a nuisance; but Mr Temple told them it was for their benefit, and to make them more useful to him in time to come, so they had to go to a great school for the next two years, at the end of which time the kaolin works were in full swing, and Mr Temple, as he never forgot to say, thanks to Will Marion, on the high road to fortune.
  • klan
  • salon
  • talon
  • Golan
  • Lon
  • Gillion
  • Gallo It had some advantages over the isle of Gallo; for it stood higher above the sea, and was partially covered with wood, which afforded shelter to a species of pheasant, and the hare or rabbit of the country, so that the Spaniards, with their crossbows, were enabled to procure a tolerable supply of game.
  • gallons

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