What is the correct spelling for GAMLIKE?

If you intended to write "gamlike", it seems like you were aiming for the word "gameplay". This term commonly refers to the interactive aspects of a game, such as the mechanics and dynamics. Other close matches could be "game-like", which implies a resemblance or similarity to a game or "gamelike", which denotes something resembling a game.

Correct spellings for GAMLIKE

  • alike Although they were twins, their personalities were not alike.
  • catlike The way she moves is so graceful and catlike.
  • gamelike The app has a gamelike interface that makes it easy and fun to use.
  • gamine The actress's naturally gamine features made her perfect for the role of a rebellious teenager.
  • godlike The athlete's performance was godlike, setting a new world record.
  • manlike He approached his task in a manlike manner, showing strength and determination.
  • ratlike The sound of the skittering creature in the walls was ratlike and unnerving.
  • warlike His warlike tendencies made him unsuitable for peaceful negotiation.