What is the correct spelling for GARBIEL?

If you have misspelled "garbiel", fear not! The correct name you may have intended is "Gabriel". Gabriel is a popular masculine name of Hebrew origin, meaning "God is my strength". So, next time you want to refer to someone with this name, be sure to remember the correct spelling, Gabriel!

Correct spellings for GARBIEL

  • barbel The barbel fish is a popular sport fish in Europe.
  • Gabbier My sister is the gabbier of the two of us and can talk for hours without taking a break.
  • gabriel Gabriel is the Archangel who heals the broken hearted.
  • garbed She was garbed for the reception.
  • garble
  • garbled The message was garbled and I couldn't understand what they were saying.
  • garbles
  • gerbil I saw a gerbil on my walk this morning.