What is the correct spelling for GARCE?

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Correct spellings for GARCE

  • ace Clubs Ace, Queen, Knave, X, X Spades King, X, X, X A one Spade bid, as it has not Hearts Ace, X, X two honors in Spades. I used to be a high-stepper with a lot on the ball My friends all called me Ace It took a woman like you to bring a good man down And make me ashamed to even show my face. – I Can't Stand Me by Merle Haggard
  • care And then, if lesser Titles carry less of Care, Yet none but Fools ambitious are to share – The Discontent by Anne Killigrew
  • case You kept inside the case It said, 'Put it in a cool dry place' – Cool Dry Place by traveling wilburys
  • coarse
  • coerce
  • dace
  • face I saw his death in the doctor's face.
  • farce You confess, then, that you have played a considerable farce?
  • gage Frank Jervaise did not respond at once to the gage that had been offered.
  • gale Oh, for a gale of wind, that I might breathe freely again!"
  • game No more than child's play to this 'ere game!"
  • gape The signature of Wallace Wray-"Woll" we called him-at the corner of a canvas lured the artist mind to praise and thanksgiving; it did more, it loosed some sluggish thousands from speculative coffers-coffers that, prompt enough to gape at safe investment, could stand in the face of the divine afflatus, hermetically sealed.
  • gar But I s' gar ye lauch o' the wrang side o' your mou' yet, my man.
  • garb He wore just such a blue serge coat and just such white flannel trousers as a thousand men on the grounds were wearing, and the Mortons did not know whether to feel disappointed because his get-up was not more spectacular or to admire the coolness with which he stepped aboard for a flight that seemed to them fraught with peril in the every day garb of the ordinary man who never leaves the ground except in imagination.
  • garner Do all book-collecting doctors garner only herbals and early medical works?
  • garter Few even of the Knights of the Garter were present.
  • gary But at bottom, of course, this is only the absurdest of superstitions, which can affect in no way men who to-day ship ore in steel bottoms to the mills of Gary and carry gasoline-engine reaped and threshed wheat to the elevators of Chicago.
  • gas "You have a car of your own-" "And no gas to run it," Penny cut in.
  • gate The gate just missed the dog when it fell, but it left him outside.
  • gauche In France, where they consider English people frightfully gauche, all this etiquette is reversed, and is very much more like ours in America.
  • gauze The two or more arches in the third scene permit the use of a gauze.
  • gaze He only looked silently at her, and she turned her eyes from his gaze.
  • gears There are bars and gears and wires and some stuff that doesn't make any sense at all.
  • glace I asked, as Franz stopped and looked in the direction of the Mer de Glace.
  • gore "If the Giant comes," said he, "I will gore him with my tusks, and trample him underfoot."
  • gorse On neither side was close wood,-or my difficulties had been immensely increased,-but scattered oak-trees stood here and there among gorse and bracken.
  • grace "The lady I can guess," I answered, "but I pray your Grace to tell me who is the gentleman."
  • graze Immediately they found that they were not required to go any further, they scattered and began to graze.
  • lace Her pretty lace was all torn; her shoulders were red where his hands had gripped her, holding himself up.
  • mace Polixena-he read; but hardly had he seized the sense of the words when a hand fell on his shoulder, and a stern-looking man in a cocked hat, and bearing a kind of rod or mace, pronounced a few words in Venetian.
  • pace You ride in front and set the pace.
  • race However, the fellow continued to throw until Phil saw that he must do something to defend himself else he would surely be hit and perhaps put out of the race altogether.
  • scarce Scarce a word was spoken for the next five minutes.
  • Gave Then Mrs. O'Brien went to her own room and came back with something which she gave to Kathleen.
  • Gazer There was nothing in me beyond what there is in every girl from fifteen to twenty; but then this is the golden age of woman, when the youthful grace of the outlines makes the gazer forget their irregularity, and seeing the cheek so fresh and clear, he asks not whether it be dark or fair-when he is charmed by the sense of a being who has not dwelt on earth too long, and gives pleasant welcome to this late arrived guest.
  • Gere
  • Gaza
  • Gracie
  • Garvey
  • Jaycee
  • Sarge
  • Marcie
  • Gays
  • garbs
  • jars
  • cars
  • GARS
  • ARCS
  • ARC'S
  • Garza
  • gasser
  • narcs
  • Garcia
  • afterpart
  • back-matter
  • cordages

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