What is the correct spelling for GAUFLING?

If you meant to type "gaufling" but it turned out to be a misspelling, there are a few possible correct suggestions. You might have intended to type "gathering" instead, which refers to a group of people coming together. Another possibility could be "guffawing", which means laughing loudly. Double-check to ensure the correct word is used next time.

Correct spellings for GAUFLING

  • baffling The complicated instructions on the assembly manual were baffling and made it impossible for me to put the furniture together.
  • gabbling The chatty tourists were gabbling excitedly about their recent adventure.
  • gaffing While fishing, David accidentally dropped his brand new gaffing hook into the deep waters of the lake.
  • galling It is galling to see all my hard work go unnoticed.
  • gambling Many people enjoy the excitement and thrill that comes with gambling at a casino.
  • gangling The gangling teenager struggled to fill out his too-small clothes, as his limbs seemed to have grown overnight.
  • garbling The poor phone reception caused garbling of our conversation.
  • gargling After brushing his teeth, he began gargling with mouthwash for a fresh and minty breath.
  • Gatling The Gatling gun, invented in the 1860s, revolutionized warfare with its rapid-fire capabilities.
  • gauging The company is gauging customer satisfaction through surveys and feedback forms.
  • gaveling As the judge pounded the gavel, the courtroom fell silent.
  • grueling The athletes pushed through the grueling marathon, determined to reach the finish line.
  • gulling After gulling his friends with a false promise of finding buried treasure, Tom disappeared with their money.
  • halfling The group of adventurers encountered a mischievous halfling in the enchanted forest.
  • hauling The truck driver was tired after a long day of hauling heavy loads.
  • mauling The bear was mauling its prey with vicious claws and teeth.
  • Pauling Linus Pauling was a prominent chemist and peace activist who won two Nobel Prizes.
  • raffling The organization is raffling off a luxury vacation to raise funds for their cause.
  • waffling I can't make a decision because I keep waffling between staying home or going out tonight.