What is the correct spelling for GAUZED?

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Correct spellings for GAUZED

  • cased Around, on all sides were large packages cased with iron, and sitting on a small hook attached to the wall near the ceiling was another inhabitant of this living cemetery, which, from the singularity of its aspect, its silence, and its locality, excited as much terror in Carey as even the skeleton.
  • dazed He looked at her with dazed eyes.
  • fazed "How that rain would have fazed him if he had been!
  • galled It was a wonderful relief to be free from the straps which had galled my shoulders for so long.
  • garbed In the half-light Dr. Dunton came to his second-story window-I knew it must be he-a tall, slender figure, somewhat bent, garbed in unrelieved black, save for the open white collar of ante-bellum style.
  • gashed His forehead was gashed and he was unconscious.
  • gauze The moon, shining through a vapory gauze , splashed a misty sheen over bowlders and trees.
  • gauzy For instance, take Salampore cloth; there are the two kinds-the thin dark blue and gauzy , and the lighter-coloured and coarser kind with the orange stripes.
  • gaze I could feel her penetrating gaze .
  • glazed Yes; he came in on Monday last, and asked for some glazed gunpowder, and if we had bullets of a large mould to fit his pistols.
  • glued However, he glued kites with paper, of which a large amount was found among Linde's effects.
  • grazed Under the shade of one of them grazed a flock of antelopes which from the shape of their bodies resembled horses, and from their heads buffaloes.
  • razed The progress of late boyhood was razed in a brief year or two.
  • Caused I'd be so sorry if my foolish delay caused you any trouble.
  • Gadded The way you gadded around over the hills with him-a perfect stranger-was disgraceful; perfectly disgraceful.
  • Gaffed But the stot didn't mean to be gaffed.
  • Gagged Tied and gagged Dirrul watched while the black-robed creatures worked stealthily at the central bars of the gate with tiny blue-flaming torches.
  • Gained Carver's voice gained confidence.
  • Gamed In the Chalde, Cappadocians, in Symmachus, Medes, and in the French, those of Gamed .
  • Gaped Visitors to the neighborhood always stopped their carriages or motor cars outside the Orphanage gates, questioned and gaped, sent in their cards, begged for permission to go all over it.
  • Gasped They gasped when they saw her a moment later bring the white figure along with her.
  • Gated To be "gated" was to be confined to college and to be "rusticated" was to be suspended from college.
  • Gauged These changes, therefore, in their relation to the center of the earth, may be accurately gauged at any instant.
  • Gazed Bertrand's heart leaped with joy as he gazed on one of them, the one he had been called on to save if possible.
  • Gazer A bit of an attack would serve her right, though, for going on like that with the star-gazer.
  • Gouged So Carlton gouged in the soft stone till the holes for the eyeballs had disappeared.
  • Guyed Like enough Mr. Megger was guyed by the same comic that sent me on a pie-chase!"
  • Hazed I wish now I'd hazed them over to the Double Diamond and corralled 'em, like I had a mind to.
  • Lazed They did full justice to their lunch, finished with her purchases for dessert, quite as he had prophesied, and lazed through the nooning hour.
  • Paused In the room where the brooms were kept, he paused and closed his eyes.
  • Sauced She never sauced Dwight in private.
  • Gassed To one of these casualty clearing-stations was brought a boy of nineteen, who had been gassed.
  • gawked As he came down the street he stopped occasionally and gawked around.
  • gabbed This monster she gabbed about, this thing without hands or eyes.
  • gazes All is changed when the little one gazes at them with that marvellous appeal in its unconscious eyes, which is known to every parent, and helps him to be a better man.
  • razzed At both restaurants Kazem and Suthep individually razzed him about his new girlfriend but they believed that he did not know anyone.
  • jazzed Mrs. Gronauer, who occupied an outside, southern-exposure suite of five rooms and three baths, jazzed on the same cabaret floor with her granddaughters.
  • gauzier
  • encompassments

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