What is the correct spelling for GAVEUS?

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Correct spellings for GAVEUS

  • eaves Under the broad eaves sat the head-servant and Peter.
  • gaseous It is to a great extent as yet only in a gaseous condition, vague and nebulous, and so not leading to the practical results, both individual and collective, which might be expected of it, if it were consolidated into a more workable form.
  • gates The gates opened instantly to admit Cassandra.
  • gavel The gavel called the Congress to order.
  • graves "On the morning of their execution," says a local record, "they were taken to St. Mary's Church, where they heard 'the condemned sermon,' and then to their graves , in which they were permitted to lie down to see if they would fit.
  • Gases Of gases the body can soak up and hold only a very small amount; so its storage supply of them will be used up completely in about three minutes, and then it dies if it cannot get more air.
  • Gave So he gave you your life.
  • Gives It is, indeed, a proud day that gives me the pleasure of seeing you here.
  • games Today we were playing one of our new games -I don't know which of us thought of it first.
  • gaffes
  • avers They were Englishmen; their service, they said, should bear "an English face": so Knox avers , who could as yet have no patriotic love of any religious form as exclusively and essentially Scottish.
  • caves The others were too weak to seek him, and they were half blind besides; I went, but the ice was full of caves and hollows, and the like, and I could not find him, nor could I look for him long, the cold being the hand of death itself up there.
  • waves An increasing wind brought breaking waves over the edge of the ice.
  • saves It saves time and trouble, and I think it's really more economical.
  • quavers You see, Mary Elizabeth stayed along with us so much durin' the seasons he was away in New York, thet we got to know all her crotchets an' quavers , an' she ain't got a mean one, neither.
  • gales This fell when late gales were closing the season to the coral fishers.
  • coves But she loved to look out on those views as she stood by Sister Helen Vincula on the gray cliff; Sister Helen Vincula holding her hand very fast while they both looked down into the valleys and coves .
  • guavas "On reaching the spot, the woman filled her vessels with water, and commenced her work; while the child, having nothing else to occupy her, began to gather some ripe guavas , plucking them from a tree that grew out from the bank, and hung somewhat over the river.
  • gapes Our joys, our toils, our honours meet In the milk-white and wormy winding-sheet: A short-lived hope, unceasing care, Some heartless scraps of godly prayer, A moody curse, and a frenzied sleep Ere gapes the grave's unclosing deep, A tyrant's dream, a coward's start, The ice that clings to a priestly heart, A judge's frown, a courtier's smile, Make the great whole for which we toil; And, brother, whether thou or I Have done the work of misery, It little boots: thy toil and pain, Without my aid, were more than vain; And but for thee I ne'er had sate The guardian of Heaven's palace gate.
  • gazes At the top he takes his hand and gazes silently and deeply into his eyes, like one who cannot yet contain his happiness; then he softly closes the door.
  • carves Still through our paltry stir and strife Glows down the wished Ideal, And Longing moulds in clay what Life Carves in the marble Real.
  • CAFES Cafes are good and bad by comparison.
  • GUVS
  • PAVES And that paves the way to progress-or the reverse.
  • RAVES It grieves me to think that you might not be content, that you were not happy; if you knew as much of the world that raves and writhes outside as I do, you would be all too thankful that you are out of the monster's reach, and that all you know of it is from your books, which-Heaven forgive them-lie all too often!
  • carvers If I hadn't a penny left in the world, you know the Carvers would take me in in a minute.
  • gyves Too well had he calculated his trap for the detection of a third dimension in Time, a fourth one in Space, only to catch the wrong game; for he had counted upon studying, if but for a few rapt moments, the vision of a land west of the sun, east of the moon-a novel territory, perhaps a vast playground for souls emancipated from the gyves of existence.
  • laves When Anacreon wishes he were the gown worn by a girl, or the water that laves her limbs, or the string of pearls around her neck, he does not indicate the least desire to make her happy, but an eagerness to please himself by coming in contact with her.
  • givers All were enthusiastic and cheerful givers .
  • givens When conscious thought grips this "given," it can put it into all manner of relations with other "givens."
  • gavels The better grades are also used for furniture and cabinet work, and the "burls" found on this species are highly valued for making fancy articles, gavels , etc.
  • naves In this way the upper parts of the walls of several Saxon naves -more, probably, than we have opportunity of discovering-remain to us.
  • gaffs The boys loosed their hold of the gaffs , and sprang apart to give the creature room.
  • haves It is a world-old mistake of the Have-nots to discount the value which the Haves put upon their property.
  • collatings
  • cross-mating
  • dis-agree
  • dis-agreeable
  • dis-courages
  • encompassments
  • favorings
  • interfolding
  • rabble-roused
  • rabble-rouses

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