What is the correct spelling for GGO?

If you accidentally type "ggo" instead of the intended word, here are possible suggestions to correct it. It could be "go", which makes sense if you were referring to physical movement. Another option could be "good", if you were trying to express positivity. Lastly, "ago" is a viable correction if you were discussing something that happened in the past.

Correct spellings for GGO

  • ago The book I finished reading a week ago was really interesting.
  • EGGO I always have an eggo for breakfast.
  • ego His ego was so big that it prevented him from admitting he was wrong.
  • GAO The report stated that the GAO had identified $150 million in savings.
  • GEO The word "Geo" could refer to the abbreviation for geography or geology.
  • gigo
  • go I really want to go to that concert next weekend.
  • goo The slime oozed out of the container, leaving a trail of goo on the table.
  • GPO The GPO (Government Printing Office) is responsible for managing and publishing government documents.