What is the correct spelling for GHANDI?

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Correct spellings for GHANDI

  • anti After the Anti -Socialist Laws of 1879, the German socialists settled largely in Switzerland.
  • band A band of criminals?
  • canada She did not think he was altogether in love with her, but she knew, at least, that he did not wish to go away while she was left behind in Canada .
  • candid "No," declared Wisbech, "to be candid , it didn't."
  • candor It was, therefore, peculiarly embarrassing for him to enter upon the subject, but he did so with that frankness and candor with which he had entered upon the other topics of discussion; and if he would not show them sufficient reason to commend the principle of colonization to their minds and feelings, he could only expect that they should remain of their present opinions.
  • candy They went on up the line as far as the oranges and the candy lasted.
  • cant His face is shaped like the stern of a Dutch man-of-war, narrow at top and wide at bottom, with full rosy cheeks and a double chin; so that, to use the cant of the day, his organs of eating may be said to be powerfully developed.
  • gad Gad, Bolter, ye will when ye mak' anything out o' that!
  • gander One large blue gander remained near, in spite of her angry motions and cross words.
  • gandhi Great in taking decisions, great in executing them, Mahatma Gandhi was incomparably great in the last stand which he made on behalf of his country.
  • gang It's a sorrowful thing I'm lame an' can na' gang wi' ye.
  • gannet Just imagine being a gull or a gannet ....
  • garnet After long hesitation he decides to send her a garnet necklace, with a tender and respectful note enclosed.
  • gaudy It was a gaudy red print representing a pierced heart.
  • gaunt On the bend of the hill against the sky came a black gaunt figure.
  • gender His head was thinking himself a different gender .
  • gent Not for a tough gent like him.
  • ghana While Ghana had been under attack by the Arabs from outside, various peoples from within struck for their own freedom.
  • ghanaian Al-Bakri, a contemporary Arab writer, was impressed with the display of power and affluence of the Ghanaian king.
  • ghat Only three months ago I sent for her from my village, as she was expecting to become a mother and I was desirous of looking early upon my first-born child; and for six weeks she dwelt contentedly with me in the house which I have rented near the ghat .
  • ghent It was in 1885 that he entered the University of Ghent as a student of law.
  • giant He replied: Look what a giant !
  • glad Boy, am I glad to see you!
  • gland 8. Describe a hair gland and its muscles.
  • goad Under the goad of the Chief Constable's uneasy eye I was fain to gaze at the black silk handkerchief, which still bore my wrist.
  • gonad We know also that the thyroid dominant tends to be irritable and excitable, the pituitary deficient to be placid and gentle, the adrenal dominant to be assertive and pugnacious, the thymus-centered to be childish and easy-go-lucky and the gonad deficient to be secretive and shy.
  • gounod Only Gounod is more loathsome.
  • gowned To-night a handsome, stylishly gowned woman of about thirty came up to me with a radiant smile and a strange brightness in her eyes.
  • grad It was the biggest grad .
  • granada If you have been at Granada you can picture this as rather a thin Hindoo edition of Generalife Villa.
  • grand It must be just grand .
  • grandee They demanded the person of Amboe Robin John, the brother of the grandee of Old Town, and the eldest of the three on board.
  • grant "Just so," said Grant .
  • grind I'll grind you to powder.
  • guano Most farmers spread manure and some guano on their cropland, but correct chemical balances for specific crops were achieved only infrequently.
  • guard The young magician was on guard , and in a twinkle he put out his foot and sent the fellow on his back.
  • hand He put out a hand .
  • handy They attempt to free their handy but each holds on to the other and all seven whisper in great astonishment.
  • hind If the hind feet present first, all may go well until the body and shoulders have passed out, when further progress is suddenly arrested by the great bulk of the head.
  • hindi Make it clear to me who have not many words of Hindi -" "The meaning of our journey appears to him, Sahib; from our minds, from the thief ahead and from the great dog,-the thing that we do is appearing to him.
  • kant The thing was, of course, absurd, but to all three of them there came the conviction that the baby had been laughing at them for their terror of Mrs. Kant .
  • kaunda
  • kind Be kind to me, Will.
  • land 6773. Have you got any land ?
  • rand When he was near enough to reach, Old Ma'am Rand gripped him firmly and pinned him to her dress with the big pin.
  • sand She's that full of sand , she nevah once thought of the danger or the consequences.
  • shandy It is generally understood that he took Mr. Stephen Price, of the Garrick Club, as the model for Captain Shandy , and that his type of the sporting snob was Mr. Wyndham Smith.
  • uganda Fortunately, or unfortunately, there was a war between the kings of Uganda and Unyoro.
  • wand During the days that followed Dick Wantele's return home, it seemed to him as though a magic wand had been waved over Rede Place.
  • And And I know nothing about it."
  • Caned Women amuse themselves with such fellows, but are the first to laugh if they get caned.
  • Can't But that can't be!
  • Gained Elizabeth had gained one point.
  • Genii We seem, in fact, to have arrived at a point in our long investigations where we can postulate scientifically, on the showing of the data of psychical research, the existence of such invisible intelligences as gods, genii, daemons, all kinds of true fairies, and disembodied men.
  • Ginned The seed has been previously separated by a hand-gin, but the ginned cotton still contains much dirt, leaf-fibre and other rubbish, and to remove this is the Bahna's task.
  • Gonads A classic example of a gland of internal secretion lodged in the interstices of a gland of external secretion is thus furnished by the gonads.
  • Randi It made no change in their habits that Randi , soon after their last loss, had a little daughter.
  • Andy When eleven-year-old Andy was a baby Pat had taken him for a pet.
  • GAWD My Gawd , do I make friends vit every feller vot I hire because he looks like a character part?
  • grander In some trades it is probably a simple necessity for protecting the workpeople in normal conditions of health; but above all its sanitary benefits it would confer upon the workpeople of every trade alike the much grander blessing of admitting them to a reasonable share of the intellectual, social, domestic, religious, and political life of their time.
  • handier 9334. You think that is handier than getting them put down into an account?
  • gunned A week or so ago, a team of Cubans, supposedly, at least, in the Sudan to improve sugar refining methods, were machine-gunned to death.

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