What is the correct spelling for GHOASTS?

If you've accidentally misspelled "ghoasts" as you intended to write "ghosts", fear not! Here are some possible suggestions to correct your error and capture the eerie essence: "ghosts", "ghastly beings", "specters", "apparitions" or even "phantoms". Choose any of these options to convey the supernatural presence you meant to describe.

Correct spellings for GHOASTS

  • boasts The new restaurant boasts an extensive wine selection.
  • coasts The coasts of Florida are beautiful and attract thousands of tourists each year.
  • ghost
  • ghosts Some people believe in ghosts and claim to have experienced supernatural encounters.
  • gloats He always gloats about his accomplishments to make other people feel bad.
  • Goats The little boy loved to pet and feed the goats at the petting zoo.
  • groats I always add a spoonful of groats to my oatmeal for extra texture and nutrition.
  • hoists
  • hosts The hosts of the party welcomed all the guests with warm smiles.
  • roasts She roasts the chicken to perfection every time.
  • toasts I love to make toasts in the morning for breakfast.