What is the correct spelling for GIBB'S?

If you've mistakenly spelled "gibb's" instead of "gibs", fret not! Here are a couple of potential correct suggestions. First, if you meant to say "gib", a common term in gaming, simply drop the extra 'b.' Alternatively, if you intended to refer to "Gibb's", it might be worth checking if you mean "Gibbs", a surname found in popular culture.

Correct spellings for GIBB'S

  • gibber The drunk man continued to gibber incoherently as he stumbled down the street.
  • gibbets She had her ankles and wrists tied to the gibbets.
  • Gibbons He was originally from Gibbons, Louisiana.
  • gibbous The moon appeared gibbous as it grew in size in the night sky.
  • gibbs The Gibbs entropy is a measure of disorder.
  • gibes The comedian's gibes at the political leaders caused the crowd to erupt in laughter.