What is the correct spelling for GIT?

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Correct spellings for GIT

  • bit I don't believe he loves her a bit. Ev'ry little bit (Gimme all that you got) Ev'ry bit of it (Ev'ry bit of your lovin) – Armageddon It by def leppard
  • fit Why, that little parlor of ours was fit for a princess. "Get hence! get hence! there's dwarfish Hildebrand; He had a fever late, and in the fit He cursed thee and thine, both house and land: Then there's that old Lord Maurice, not a whit – The Eve Of St. Agnes by John Keats
  • gait His faltering gait, and eager devouring eye, led me to watch him, and he had not proceeded ten steps before he fell.
  • get What you goin' to get?
  • gi "Nah, then, Scholes!-come thi ways in, and tell us how Jeckie Farnish did tha' out o' thi bit o' land-here, gi' t'owd lad a drop o' rum to set his tongue agate! Ecod, shoe's t'varry devil his-self for smartness is that theer Jecholiah! Nah, then, Scholes, get on wi' t'tale!"
  • gift Then came the heavenly gift.
  • gig My aunt Margaret was no longer the vigorous business-like woman whom I recollected riding or driving in her little gig an over the farm of 800 English acres which my great-grandfather had rented since 1811. Not the Miss Thompson whom I had introduced into "Uphill Work."
  • gilt Full in the firelight of the room sat the young Countess, lost in reverie, hands clasping the gilt arms of her chair.
  • gin T'war rayther a scant breakfast I've hed, an' hain't gin this chile's in'ards saterfacshun.
  • girt What more should woman crave, Being wed with thee, the bravest of the brave, And girt with raiment which of old the sire Of all my house, the Sun, gave, steeped in fire, To his own fiery race?
  • gist The gist of their argument is that the tribe of Dan settled near the source of the Jordan, becoming the maritime member of the Israelitish confederacy, and calling forth from Deborah the rebuke that the sons of Dan tarried in ships when the land stood in need of defenders.
  • gmt
  • grit "I may have to go on to stone work again if I don't get back my grit, warden.
  • gut
  • kit
  • lit
  • mit Then I shook old Mit and came around.
  • nit
  • pit
  • sit
  • wit
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  • Git I don't know how you feel, Mis' Jakes, but I'm possessed to git home."
  • Gite
  • Got
  • It
  • Gil I have given elsewhere a very full account of the cave-a den of robbers beside which that to which Gil Blas was carried was a paradise -La Crouzate on the Causse de Gramat in the Department of Lot.
  • GT
  • HIT
  • GITS
  • ZIT