What is the correct spelling for GLING?

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Correct spellings for GLING

  • align As if the stars in your wake align Almost impossible to malign – Aluminum by barenaked ladies
  • calling Middle of the night New voices calling Saying it's alright I'm not falling – Middle Of The Night by bee gees
  • cline I could sing a mean patsy cline My husband he could yodel like wilf carter Kitty wells was a real good friend of mine – I Used To Be A Country Singer by Gordon Lightfoot
  • cling Those matted woods, where birds forget to sing, But silent bats in drowsy clusters cling; – The Deserted Village, A Poem by Oliver Goldsmith
  • coiling As their eyes became accustomed to the night, they saw that this patch looked as if it was alive with flashing, coiling , darting red things.
  • cooling The pictures and the colors are coolin' Your mind, your love Now, don't you feel the movement it's soothin' – Drink The Water by buckcherry
  • cowling Mr. Cowling did this day in the House-lobby tell me of the many complaints among people against Mr. Townsend in the Wardrobe, and advises me to think of my Lord Sandwich's concernment there under his care.
  • curling
  • fling To speak a single word in behalf of Alexander or your father would be to fling myself into the fire without putting it out.
  • gain You will not be able to get in: I shall be inside and you outside: to gain entrance will be impossible.
  • galen Underneath his Galen and Hippocrates were secreted copies of Euclid and Archimedes, to be studied at every available opportunity.
  • galling There was no mistaking the significance of the steward's remarks, and he found them somewhat galling .
  • gatling Questions and answers were fired back and forth like bullets from a Gatling gun, and everywhere field glasses were glued to eager eyes.
  • gelding The duke put in an appearance five minutes before the hour, upon a bay gelding , and attended by Lewis and Sir John Brooke, both mounted.
  • gilding When we are older, we live in the past, that wraps itself in a sacred gilding glamour, and is vocal with the happy echoes which alone survive.
  • gin No more gin for me to-day.
  • glaring Flint thought a moment, glaring at Herzog with angry eyes, then shook his head in negation.
  • glean These memoirs relate to circumstances of which he was ignorant, or possibly may have omitted purposely as being of little importance; and whatever he has let fall on his road I think myself fortunate in being permitted to glean .
  • glen Here there were tracts of cultivated ground; and in the openings of Glen Urquhart and Glen moriston we came in sight of fields and substantial-looking houses.
  • glenn Glenn nearly died here.
  • gliding Presently they stopped before one of the huts, and pointing to the door, Tawaina said, "Little White Bird there;" and then gliding away, he was lost in the darkness.
  • glint He looked directly into Larry's eyes, almost defiantly for an instant, then seeing in that rugged face a kindly glint of the eye and a quiver about the mouth, his heart lightened and he grasped eagerly the hand held out to him.
  • glowing Admiral Page's fighting blood was glowing in her cheeks as she walked briskly up the hill road, but her heart beat in an odd fashion.
  • going "That is why I am going away.
  • golding Three hours later this same man crouched by the drawing-room window of the Wandenong homestead and looked in, listening to the same voice, until Barbara Golding entered the room and took a seat near the piano, with her face turned full towards him.
  • golfing "It is now three o'clock and this is the golfing season in New York," Gray told him.
  • gosling Joe was in the seventh heaven of delight, and took to the free life as a wild gosling takes to the water.
  • gulping He spoke with such ceremonious politeness that Gage was shamed into gulping down his ill-humour and softening his mode of address.
  • kiln Forty-eight hours for malt to remain on the kiln is enough, as pale malt can be completely dried in that time, if frequently turned, and properly attended to.
  • king Oh, yes; thank you, Miss King .
  • klein "Well," answered Hendrik, "I on'y heard about what Klein Hahsie done.
  • kline You tell Kline what he done-or tried to do.
  • lin
  • line
  • ling
  • lingo
  • lino A soft green paper covered the walls, dark lino the floor, a rug or two here and there; a writing-desk, book-case, a cottage piano, a couple of easy chairs, and a couch completed the furniture.
  • sling
  • Clingy
  • Coaling This standard distance should be the greatest that separates two coaling places, as they exist in the scheme of fortified coaling ports which every naval nation should frame for itself.
  • Geeing
  • Glazing
  • Globing
  • Gloving
  • Gluing
  • Gulling
  • Keeling
  • Ogling
  • Golan
  • Colin
  • Culling
  • Gino
  • Gina
  • Lina
  • clings
  • jailing
  • jelling
  • gelling
  • bugling

13 words made from the letters GLING

  • 3 letter words made from GLING:

    gig, gin, igg, lin, nig, nil.
  • 4 letter words made from GLING:

    gigl, gign, gilg, ling, nigg.
  • 5 letter words made from GLING:

    gling, lingg.